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Can I get a restricted driver's license in PA if my license was suspended in DE for dui?
I was charged with dui in De in 2014 and my license was suspended for a year. Before the year was up I moved to PA. Is it possible to get a restricted license to drive for work?
Your year suspension should already be up so I'm not sure why you just don't have your license restored.
How do I find a military defense lawyer?
I tested positive for a unit urine analysis test.
I think you'd need JAG but not sure.
Will a DUI affect my ability to get a notary license in Pennsylvania?
My job recently paid for me to get my notary license in PA. After passing the test and filling out the application, I became worried that a DUI in my past might affect me from being accepted. I provided an explanation as follows: "This was a very unfortunate circumstance that I will have to carry on my record for the rest of my life. Although the charge was as minimal as it could come, I learned a very valuable lesson from it. I made a very poor choice my junior year in college. I accepted full responsibility for it and I have since, never made the same mistake again, nor will I ever. I have even used my experience as a method to help others make better choices when in the same type of situation. I am at the point now, that I actually consider it a blessing in disguise. I have learned from it and I have moved on. I also have become a much better person for it. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to explain this charge on my record." Will this affect me?
I do not believe a long ago DUI conviction will make you ineligible for a Notary License. It is not a felony and it has...
How long does Pennsylvania have to bring DUI charges?
Police were called for a welfare check,I was just sitting in my personal car waiting on my ride when they showed up..I was taken to station and asked if I wanted to go to hospital for blood test,I said no and then they called my friend to pick me up..I have a CDL license,I did get suspended for a year..It's been a year and still no changes,I get license back in two months...Is there anything I can do to get the refusal off my driving record?
The statute of limitations is 2 years. However, the scenario you describe leads me to believe that charges will not...
Will MD know about how my license got suspended in PA?
I got pulled up on suspended license in PA a year ago and it was because of an unpaid fine. Now back in Dec I was in MD and got pulled over and my license was still suspended. I got a lawyer but he is only seeing my MD record. Should I tell him about me getting pulled over in PA on suspension. It is only because of being late paying on a fine.
There is a national database which reports all suspensions regardless of which state issued you your license. Maryland...
What are my penalties for getting my first DUI with a bac of .158 in the state of Pennsylvania
had gotten pulled over and officer pulled me out of my vehicle I was operating, asked me to blow in a machine my bac came back .158 so he took me to the hospital to draw blood he then took me to the station finger printed and took pictures of me. Then drove me home.
For a first time conviction for a DUI at that blood alcohol level, it would be facing 48 hours in jail and loss of your...
What is the minimum penalties I'm facing with a dui-d charge and speeding in my first offense?
Going 76 in a 45. & THC in my system.
If this is your first offense ever and have never been arrested in the last ten years, then you will be eligible for...