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no drugs and no attorney that i had did not represent me. now I need to get an appeal.that judge said it was not in distracted. in the first court date my attorney gave me no help.not even showing the paper that says there is nothing in my body.please help
Your question is extremely confusingly worded, so I'm not really clear on what your situation is, but if you want to...
17 year old also brought alcohol and younger teenagers were drinking it but they did not get caught until after the party
Yes, you can be convicted if you admit that you committed a crime. However, if there were no actual witnesses, a good...
I have no priors, was sentenced to do 60 days within 120. I'm dumb apparently and thought it meant so long as I turned in by the end of 120 days I was following my orders. When I went to turn myself in I was refused at intake due to the officer not knowing "what to do with me"? I am pregnant for the 1st time and it is proving to be a very difficult pregnancy and I'm afraid to go through any complications that may affect my baby while incarcerated. Is there any chance of requesting house arrest in place of imposed sentence?
You need to talk to your lawyer that represented you in the DWI in the first place and see if the Court will modify the...
i have 3 court dates in the same week for 3 4 and 5th driving on susp ticket on the 3rd i got 7 days in jail i am so scared of what i will get on the fourth and fifth. i live in arkansas . does anyone know
Probably longer each time. You may be able to qualify for a Colorado license one year after your last offense.
The other night i was pulling out of a gas station n forgot 2 turn my lights on. Well a cop was plling in and seen me and pulled me over. He pulled me over across the street. I ended getting a dwi. I had 2 go 2 the police station but didn't go 2 jail. Someone come and picked me up. They gave me a temp. permit. I go 2 court next month. Would it be a good idea if i go and take the dwi classes before i go 2 court? Where would i go in Conway,AR. 2 take the classes? What will the judge do when i go 2 court?
If you win, you will not need to take the alcohol classes. You need to consult with a DWI attorney before you make any...
I was pulling out of the gas station the other night and didn't have my lights on. Well a cop was pulling into the gas sation and seen me pulled me over. He pulled me over across the street. I ended up gettn a dwi. I didn't go 2 jail but had 2 go 2 the Police station. Someone come and picked me up. They gave me a temp, permit 2 drive. What will the judge do when i have 2 go 2 court?
Depends on whether you are adjudicated guilty or not guilty. My comments are not intended to establish an...
I was pulled over because I didn't know any cops were anywhere, and I was fixing to miss the road I needed to turn on, so, I turned real fast so I didn't miss it. The cop charged me with everything he could think of, even no seatbelt and I had my seatbelt on!! Anyway, when he asked about drugs, I told him what pill I had took, trying to be Miss Good Citizen, because I wasn't any longer under the influence on them. And, he wouldn't listen to nothing else I had to say about it!! They wanted to do a blood test, and I refused because I don't like needles and I wasn't even guilty of anything. I'm also worried I have too many driving on suspendeds and could get jail time for that. I'm disabled, for chronic pain, and the jail won't give me my meds. What should I do and can I get house arrest?
There are a number of possible defenses to your case, but the quality of those defenses can only be fully known by an...