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please anyone that can help me with information i would really apperciate it
The parole hearing outcome depends on a lot of circumstances. First, the parole board will look at the circumstances...
My family member was driving last night and while looking to make a lane change he crossed the median and then over corrected and lost control of the vehicle and rolled several times. After the accident they couldn't find his eye glasses. He would be considered legally blind without his glasses and after rolling the car he was really shook up. He was asked to do a field sobriety test and failed. He told the officers he had taken prescription medicine the night before (24 hours earlier). They placed him under arrest for a DUI but did not take him to jail. At the hospital the police took blood samples. Will the blood test be able to show how long ago he had taken the prescription medication? Also, will he be able to get a court appointed attorney as he has no job or assets?
In regards to the blood samples, they should be able to determine the amount of the drug in his system. They could...
I wasn't driving when we got pulled over and he was the DD, they noticed he had a warrant for his arrest for a registration issue and said if he filled out a form stating he saw me driving drunk they would let him go, so he filled out the form but never stated he saw me driving drunk, just that he saw me driving and didn't give times. How am I supposed to fight this? They took blood samples too once we got to the jail. I WAS NOT driving, I was in the passenger seat.
The first element of "Driving Under the Influence" is that you be in control of the vehicle. Sounds like you got a...
I got one October of last year and they gave me a plea in abeyance it hasn't been a year sense then so I don't know If I failed the plea or not.
I see no one has answered your question. Consider speaking with a local DUI lawyer. Most will give you a free...
I have been having issue with my interlock for a couple of days with the cord coming out while my car has been running I reported it to the interlock place and they told me it was ok but tonight I got into my car and it reported Violation operation should I be worried? It told me to bring in the interlock in 7 days and on top of this I am on Porbation for my DUI..
If you are having a mechanical issue with the interlock you need to report it ASAP and get it fixed. That way you won't...
I was covered through pcn with the state and was told my bill would be under $500.00 before the procedure was done. I paid up front cash. Now I have a bill over 2 years old saying I was not covered. What can I do?
this is not the proper sub category - I will edit you query.
Last September I was charged with a DUI metabolite for marijuana and I also got a paraphernalia charge. This was my first time getting in trouble with the law. I was very honest with the police officer which helped me a lot in court. My DUI was dropped to a lesser offense and I was ordered to take a drug assessment. I did that and was told I have to attend a PRI class. I haven't done that yet because I just got married and finished moving. I have to attend court on June 9th for a non compliance review. I am registering for the PRI class in 2 days when my husband gets paid. What should I expect to happen at this review?
Hire an attorney asap to explain your circumstances to the court. You could get jail for this.