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when I go get a drug test at the hospital can a doctor watch me pee is that legal
I'm getting a random drug test is it illegal for them to watch me pee or Pat me down I need to know so I can try to pass my drug test
Again, this is not a criminal defense question. Put it into the right forum and you might get adequate answers. In...
Can I refuse the breathalyzer interlocking ignition system and have my license revoked asking for no limited driving rights?
I received a DWI in North Carolina. I blew a .17. Would there be any benefit to not asking for limited driving privileges and just having my licenses revoked for a year. I would have myself removed from insurance coverage. I cannot afford the breathalyzer interlock system.
Well, there are a few prerequisites to getting the limited driving privilege. If you choose not to pursue the limited...
Is there anyway to beat this DUI in North Carolina?
I was stopped at a checkpoint and blew a .08 on the breathalyzer. My license were immediately revoked for thirty days. This is my first (and last) offense and I have a clean driving and criminal record. I have already started the required substance abuse classes and am wondering if I can beat this DUI. I currently do not have a lawyer, and the clerk of court told me I was intelligent enough to handle this by myself, but I am wondering what I should do.
You sound too intelligent to handle this yourself. You correctly determined that this offense may have some future...
Is it possible to get a "DUI" off of my record?
When I was 18, I was pulled over for speeding (10 over). The police officer suspected me of drinking due to the smell of my passengers. I had previously consumed a few drinks but was confident I was ok. I agreed to a breathalyzer and blew a .05. I was given a citation, not detained, and allowed to drive home. Under the advice of my paid attorney, I plead guilty (hindsight tells me this was a mistake) and I received limited driving privileges and basic alcohol education classes. This was settled a while after the initial citation and after I had turned 19. On my record, I have a DUI. This has been extremely inconvenient recently. I am now 22, attend a university, and seeking engineering internships. Due to the nature of my desired career, a DUI on my record can be troublesome. Additionally, I was recently denied a purchase permit (NC) due to this being on my record. Is there any course of action that can be taken to rid the DUI on my record? This was the first offence, did not have a previous record, and have not been found guilty of a crime since. Is it worth obtaining paid legal representaion? Or am I doomed to live with a mistake I made while I was a teen? Thankyou
There is a difference between a conviction for DWI (or DUI) and Driving After Consuming Under Age 21 in North Carolina....
What next for getting a citation for a dwi?
I was citated for a dwi my license were taken for 30 days granted I was given a 10 day driving certificate.I went to a drug assessment but they felt like it was unnecessary and denied me of the program this is my first DWI so what's the good and bad news
I suppose you had an assessment and their determination was you didn't need treatment.,.if that's the case, that's...
I was convicted of 3 dui not alcohol related in 2015. My license was revoked for 3 years & I was placed on 18 months probation.
This all happened in April & by Nov. I had completed most of my dui assessment classes which was for 72 hours. I paid my fines but it took a while. I completed 50 hours of community service which was only a third of it due to not having a license or means of getting to further places. In November, I did 4 days jail time due to probation violation from community service. In December, probation had me back in court wanting me back in jail which is why I hired a lawyer. He told me to complete the 9 hours I had left in the classes, do three days in jail instead of 90, & I would be off of probation 8 months early. He said the letter would state completed probation "unsuccessfully". What does that mean & how will that affect me going forward? WILL it affect my DMV hearing which is 6 months away? Is there a way to get the state to push back the hearing date? What should I expect from the hearing? None of mine were alcohol related. Sleeping i, the car in a parking lot after being up all night & I was on mild pain meds which made me hyper. The last one was the same officer who pulled me & I was not tired or under the influence. Is there anyway to avoid the device? Mine wasn't alcohol relate
Finish what you need to finish to get off probation. Pay all your civil revocation fees. Unlikely your hearing could be...
I was convicted of 3 duis 2 & a half years ago all not alcohol related. I received two in 2013 for falling asleep in the vehicle
I had stayed up all night & half the following day plus I was taking mild pain meds which made me hyper. I did not realize how tired I was until I stopped at a store on the first two & fell asleep. The owner called 911 on both accounts & I failed the straight line test. I had never been arrested B4 all this happened. The third I was driving but not tired or under the influence. I was pulled by the same cop & it was all harrassment. I know I passed the sobriety test with flying colors. He saw me & just assumed I was under the influence. The lawyer said it was best to plead guilty & I got 18 months probation. My license was revoked for three years. Even the blood work was not back from all three at the time I was placed on probation. I was not able to get to community service except for when I completed 50 hours when they finally gave me a place close by but I started on dui assessment classes immediately in which I was told I would need 72 hours. I paid my fines although it took some time.
Please let us know what your question is- there’s a lot of “what happeneds” but no question. to try to respond to