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DUI Diversion Revocation hearing
I was cited for DUI in 2015, no prior record. I completed the diversion program (1 year stint) without incident. 79 days after I had completed said diversion I received a letter in the mail stating my diversion was being revoked due to a police report in which the officer states I was a witness to an event at a bar. Nearly 3 years after my DUI citation and over a year after my completed diversion I am attending a evidentiary hearing to refute this report (innocent & was not at bar or drinking). I graduate with an MBA in December, if revoked and charged this will have extremely detrimental effects on my life, career, education etc. IF revoked am I sentenced for DUI on the spot, or will I have time to appeal evidentiary hearing, plead non-guilty to original dui and set for trial, etc?
Hire an attorney. You have too much to lose to handle this on your own.
What is the typical cost of a DWI in Missouri?
I was recently pulled over and refused a breathalyzer test. After I was arrested and placed in the police car, the officers began to get chatty with my wife who said I did have something to drink. Will this affect my case and what is the typical cost to defend a DWI?
I think, based on your question, that you need to decide if you want to hire the cheapest firm you can find that will...
How long does it take to get blood work back for dui?
I was in wreck in July they still don't have it and trying to charge me
Three months does seem like a long time to get blood results, but I've seen longer periods of time pass.It may also be...
How much meth has to be found for it to be a possession charge?
Ok , so they found baggies with residue in them, no actual power unless you wipe the baggies , or in this case do a field test on them. I have a paraphernalia charge. It states "defendant possessed several clear baggies with residue, which were drug paraphernalia." That is exactly all that was there... So how can I get a possession charge as well? Do you think I can get it reduced or thrown out?
It is pretty common for someone to get charged with both paraphernalia and drug possession even if all that exists is...
HHow can I be charged with the felony I was in drug court for?
I was charged with receiving stolen goods felony in st Charles mo . I was placed in drug court. Now a year later the prosecutor just filed a bunch of motions and discoveries . Am I in more trouble. I have had more months of drug court added because of a failed alcholo test. What is going to happen. The charges were sealed on case net now they are open for everyone to see
This is a criminal case, not a DUI case. Repost in other section of law.
How long will alcohol show up in a urine test for satop program ?
How long can it stay in my system? I had approximately 5 shots of vodka and 2 glasses of wine Sunday 10/7 I might be tested on Sunday 10/14 during my satop program will the alcohol show up in a urine test during that time?
It depends on what test they do. A direct test for alcohol (like a breath test) will go to zero when its out of your...
Will I pass a urine test from a satop program 6 days after I drank?
I drank approximately 5 shots of vodka and 2 glasses of wine 10/7 and might have to take a urine test for my satop class in green county 10/14 will I test postive? I'm 5'1 120lbs and a female.
Alcohol does not stay in your system for seven days. You won't test positive on a urine screen.