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  • 3 teams of attackers hit Paris, killing 129 and woun...

    Sunday Nov 15 | via Newsday 

    A rose is pictured in a bullet hole in a window, rue de Charonne, in Paris on November 14, 2015, following a series of coordinated attacks in and around Paris late on November 13. PARIS - Seven people were detained Sunday in Belgium in connection with deadly attacks in Paris as the city entered three days of mourning for the 129 people killed in the worst violence in France in decades. Thousands of French troops were deployed and tourist sites stood shuttered in one of the most visited cities on Earth, while more details started to emerge about the investigation.


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  • 3 teens arrested for Henrietta car break-ins

    Thursday Nov 12 | via 13WHAM 

    HIGH WIND WARNING MONROE, ORLEANS, GENESEE, & WYOMING COUNTY WIND ADVISORY LIVINGSTON, WAYNE, & ONTARIO COUNTY 10 AM THURSDAY - 1 PM FRIDAY, GUSTS OVER 55 MPH POSSIBLE. Monroe County Sheriff's deputies said they responded to High Manor Drive around 2:30 a.m. Wednesdsay for three people looking into vehicles in the parking lot.


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  • Sixth person arrested in 2014 murder

    Oct 21, 2015 | via 13WHAM 

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Greece Law

Does alcohol counseling help a DWI Case? IF so how?
I got a second dwi after a dwai not too long ago, my lawyer told me that it would help my case to go to alcohol counseling. I understand how it can help me to go to alcohol counseling, but how will it help my court case, I don't understand. Is it more likely that I would get a less harsh sentence?
I have handled over a thousand DWI cases as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. Typically the offer for a DWI...
Need lawyer from rochester..payment..least expensive
Im being asked to cop to a misdemeanor dwi...8 months..i fell it to much..i had s felony driving without s licence..and the want me to cop to the misdemeanor dwi..but 8 months is too much
You are going to need to reach out to attorneys on your own, attorneys on this sit cannot solicit business in this...
I have had my license revoked over 10 years ago. I since then never been in any trouble and took a pistol defensive class
i had an accidental firearms discharge that cause bodily injury. I just need to know what else i can do besides get a paid lawyer take a training class reapply request a hearing to plead for another chance for my privileges so that i can continue my security career.
All your alternatives can be discussed with the attorney you select. There are facts that are important to your case so...
Am I eligible for No fault insurance ?
even if I were not convicted of DUI or DWI, Can my insurance company deny my claim
It depends. I would contact your insurance or potential insurance company and ask them for coverage and see how they...
DWI Refusal hearing
I attended my first hearing at the end of April the officer didn't show so my license was reissued immediately. However, as of today (8/20) I have not received notice of my second hearing. Is this normal? From what I'm being told I should have had a second hearing within a month of my first appearance.
It is not at all uncommon for the second hearing to be scheduled many months after the first. Many times nine months...
Charged with DUI in 2012 and found not guilty and plead guilty in 2014 to DUAI per my PD.
I have taken the VIP program and then found out I have to take a DDP class for having 2 alcohol related cases in less than 10 years, if I was found not guilty in 2012 if I get the paperwork from the court for the 2012 case would that make a difference or just because I was charged do I have to take the class?
What does your attorney say? My guess is that since your were arrested twice within the time frame you need to take...
I have an A.U.O 3rd from a DUI I paid all the fines (court, dmv, and the dui class) and the judge says I need a lawyer.
I have auo 3rd failure to change address with dmv no inspection and unlicensed operator. Then tried to find work and someone flagged a truck out of a driveway that front ended me and we called the police for the accident and I received another auo, unlicensed, and uninspected vehicle. And I'm wondering if I need a lawyer or can I just represent my self because I can't really afford a lawyer and fines.
Often the court and/or prosecutor will not deal directly with you. Also if you are looking for work you want to make...