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I was arrested for a 2nd DUI in MD with FL license. I got a MD license before court and now found out my FL license is revoked.
I am currently participating in the Interlock program with my MD license. Since my FL license is revoked in FL, what does this mean for my MD license now?
You state that you were previously licensed in Florida. During the period you were licensed in Florida, you were...
I got a DUI in MD with Florida licnese. 4 yrs ago i got a DUI in FL. Will this be a second convictions in MD?
I am in the Military and live in MD but is a FLorida resident.
Your driving record encompasses the Florida conviction. The prosecutor may try to file a subsequent offender notice...
I received a PBJ for a DUI in Federal court the Judge Stated my records will be sealed for the concerning suspension of my
drivers license, providing I complete the probation period all tasks involved. I received a letter that stated that my drivers license is being suspended by the state of Maryland. Could this be a mistake or did the magistrate court go back on it word. Thanks
Assuming that the Assimilative Crimes Act was used in your case for the magistrate to give you a PBJ in Maryland, I am...
Is it possible for me to petition for change of child physical custody of my ex. wife boyfriend has a Dom. Viol. and DUI/DWI
Good morning, I have recently placed a petition for Contempt of court (deprival of child visitation) on my ex. I am currently actively seeking legal representation in the St. Mary's Co. area for other events that has made co-parenting virtually impossible. My Ex. and I have both Joint/Legal custody of our children, w/her having physical. My concern for the above topic. My Ex has a young boyfriend that has interfered with my co-parenting (which she allows). Recently, I've had problems with him threatening to destroy my children's cell phone that I purchased for them (14 and 16 yrs old), along with my ex. threatening them as well and praising coercing my kids for lying to me. I have a police report so justify difficulties dropping them off with admittance of them threatening them and being hostile to the law enforcement. While viewing MD. public records. I observed my ex. boyfriend have previous charges of Domestic Violence, multiple DUI/DWI charges. as a concerned non-custodial parent, do I have a right to petition for a change of custody if im the only one trying to keep equal relations with my ex. for the sake of my kids? Any advice on a change of phy.custody would be appreciated
It is your burden to prove that since the last court order there is a material change of circumstances that warrants a...
Before my DUI trial my lawyer talked to the arresting officer and made a deal without my knowing. Is this legal?
The deal was: If the arresting officer didn't have the entire arrest report read, including parts where I was apparently talking too casually and too much, my lawyer wouldn't ask for certain fines to be reimbursed. She accepted this deal without consulting me. All I said were things like, "Are you a rookie?" and "Why aren't you busting crack houses instead of pulling me over?" and "Are you guys doing anything about the heroin problem down here?" In my defense I was drunk and tend to talk a lot anyway. It's not like I was screaming expletives. I even apologized several times for cussing on accident. It just kind of comes out when I talk.
Yes this is legal. Your lawyer was trying to help you. A judge would take a dim view of you making comments to the...
Remove alcohol restriction on my license from DW&S & MAB with a DUI & PerSei from 25 years ago due to my M.S. nondisclosure?
I was pulled over with suspected DUI driving. I was not convicted of any alcohol driving violations. I did have a MD driver’s license w/o disclosing to the DMVA that I had M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis) The DW&S and MAB restricted my license for a DUI I received 25 years ago. DW&S said I had 2 alcohol related offenses in 5 years. 1 the pull over was a per sei and then the court ruling from that traffic stop was a PBJ for the DUI. That is from the same traffic stop. How can I have two alcohol offenses from the same traffic stop? The
You should consult with an attorney. If both incidents arose from the same incident, they should not be counted as 2...
Will a speeding ticket VOP for a DUI PBJ with condition Obey All Laws and doesnt mention any exception for minor trffc offenses?
On April 5th, 2013 I received a PBJ for a DUI charge. The probation is 3 years unsupervised. The Defendant Probation/Supervision Summary page states that the conditions are: OBEY ALL LAWS and COMPLETE ALC PROGRAM-CURRENTLY ENROLLED. I just received a speeding ticket today for going 38 MPH in a 30 MPH zone today. If I'm found guilty then will this speeding ticket violate my probation?
No, it should not violate your probation. Usually, obey all laws means not to commit any incarcerable traffic offenses...