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Great Falls Crime

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  • Guderjahn Sentenced to 4 Years Deferred

    Monday Jul 13 | via KFBB 

    He received a 4-year deferred sentence for an incident that occurred back on February 18th. Guderjahn was originally charged with two counts of felony criminal endangerment, along with misdemeanor DUI, reckless driving, and an open container violation.


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  • Land Management official sentenced in workplace frau...

    Tuesday Jul 7 | via KRON 4 

    A federal judge sentenced a senior official in the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to six months in prison on Tuesday after he was convicted of covering up for a subordinate who kept drawing government pay after leaving the agency for a job in Montana. John Grimson Lyon, the director for the BLM's 31-state Eastern States Region, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Brian Morris after a hearing in Great Falls, Montana.


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  • Ramin Rudeseal Appears in Court

    Saturday Jul 4 | via KFBB 

    A Great Falls man, who was on probation for felony DUI, was in court Tuesday afternoon facing 13 charges, including 4 felonies. 21 year-old Ramin Rudeseal is facing 13 charges after an alleged incident Tuesday morning, include 2 felony theft charges and felony criminal endangerment.


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Great Falls Law

Can I beat a DUI if I wasn't pulled over some one reported a I was drunk while I was parked in front of a store
Can it be dropped if the person doesn't show up to court. The police officer said my truck was started but keys wasn't in my possession or can I plead to a different charge I didn't get pulled over I got also a driving on suspended but I was parked
In most states, the prosecutor can prove a DUI if you are in actual physical control. However, these cases are...
I got injured at work had blood work no illicit drugs or alcohol was found, i returned to work and everyone says i was drunk
Drs said i mistepped i returned to work as a cashier but i hear everday tht i was on drugs and drunk , i was demoted ,,, defamation of character ??
I would need a lot more facts to render an opinion on this. My advice is to see an employment lawyer and relate all...
Will a DUI show up when crosing the border?
My DUI isn't showing on my driving record, so im wondering if it'll show when they swipe my passport. and an i considered a criminal with a dui? i got a DUI per say Thanks so much!!
DUI may not show up That is a record
Will a dui affect my paperwork , if im the petitioner ?
my fiance is from canada , im doing the I-129F form
No in the USA, yes if you will want to visit her in Canada. You will have disclose DUI and that will prevent you from...
Should my rights have been read in this DUI arrest?
I was pulled over for "having my lights off". After "failing' a field sobriety test was told to blow. I asked to wait until we got to the station. I was put in handcuffs, and my rights where never read.
Contrary to what you see on TV, Miranda applies to custodial interrogations. If they did not interrogate you, no need...
What am I looking at on a 2nd Dui with in 5 years my Attorny said Vidio from police officers car did not show me weaving
Officer stated he pulled me over because I was weaving from lane to lane the Vidio show none of that what chances do I have for dismissal or get lesser charge then Dui on 2nh w/in 5 years??
You do need an attorney to represent you on this one. Very important to hire a lawyer.
Should I fight this DUI? Entrapment?
I was at a friends house when her boyfriend came home extremely intoxicated. He collapsed on the floor and was not breathing. The last time I've seen someone collapse was my father when he passed away. This scared me badly. I was breathing into him mouth to mouth when he gasped for air. This happened 4 times before his girlfriend called for an ambul ance. When they arrived josh took off out the back door. After questioning I must have said 50 times I just want to go home. One officer asked where I lived before he could answer me the other said no u aren't getting a ride anywhere. I calmed Lauren down about 20min later I pulled out the driveway and the headlights came on and I got a DUI. I did not blow so I had blood taken. I had practically begged for a ride.
This isn't entrapment. Entrapment is when the police induce you to do something you wouldn't normally do. Here, you...