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I want to apply for UPS and it is asking me if I ever had a DUI I had gotten one more then 5 yrs ago could I still get the job
Should I mention it or seeing how it was so long ago do I have too. I'm not a drinker and don't get into any trouble. I have a good driving record , no speeding tickets . Its asking if my license ever been suspended or revoked and all the other questions pertain to 3 yrs ago but this don't specify how long ago. I don't wanna mention it if I don't have too cause it was a long time ago but don't wanna not get the job if I don't what should I do ?
Don't be dishonest, because then you can get fired if you do get the job. And, sorry, you don't have a good driving...
I live in ky and recieved a dui here and now florida is holding it against me suspended me for life how is this legal?
it is a 4th in my life time dating back 25 yrs. 3 in florida
Florida's DHSMV web site lists the following for a 4th DUI: 4th DUI or Subsequent DUI Conviction - You must serve 5...
After getting a DUI in CA and now living out of state, how can I get my BAC lowered for a 1650 waiver?
I received a DUI in 2013, started my program in Mar, 2014 but was dropped (8/4/14) for missing too many classes and failure to pay. I have been working on this from KY all year with no success. I had a warrant, got it recalled, have had my SR22 for 7 months, applied for a 1650 waiver but was denied because my BAC was a .22 and the MAU says this prohibits me from being eligible without an amended abstract lowering it below a .20. DMV gave me 3 options, to get it lowered, to re-enroll/drop and pay some fines, and to return to CA to finish it entirely. I have a life and a job in KY I can't leave for the amount of time it would require to settle options 2 and 3. I've been without a license for some time and need it back ASAP.
The amended abstract of judgment seems like the best option, but it would be very difficult to get, I think. Imagine...
I blew a triple zero on a PBT. I was still charged with being under the influence of alcohol.
I admitted to taking a sip or two, but was not under the influence. I was also charged with attempt to purchase. Appearantly a minor(whom was under the age of 18) was present at the scene but I had no idea how old he was, nor who he was. Also, when the police knocked on the door and stormed in, they failed to state that they had a search warrant, then proceeded to look through the residence. There were other charges I am found guilty of. Will a Marshall judge still pin me for two sips and "attempting to purchase"?
Good question. I would begin to answer it by reading the police report. What does it say? Have you read it over yet?...
I have been charged with alleged of an impaired in Alberta Canada question is in add details
I have been charged with alleged of an impaired in Alberta I did my paper work in the police station after the breath test got my promise to appear had a lawyer attend to my promise to appear i received a phone call almost a month later from the arresting officer stating I missed my fingerprints which I guess I didn't see on the paper so the cop said ito call him next week to sign a new promise to appear so I called him he said thanks for calling me back I just need to know when I can stop by to get you to sign a new promise to appear the courts messed up on the paperwork so can I meet with you to sign new paperwork for a new promise to appear What I wanna know is what's going on? I don't think I need to sign new promise to appear I already have a promise to appear what the deal here?
You are talking about some form of criminal matter in another country and will likely not get a lot of good, helpful...
I signed an Alford plea DUI 2nd with my name on it but the DL & SS#'s are incorrect in all of the court docs even the citation.
Do I have any options as to having this removed. All documents are/were incorrect in cluding the Alford Plea. It never shown on my record as being convicted. Since, I was arrested for DUI2nd, bailed out after 8 hrs, went to court date 3 weeks later, where the same judge changes my charge from 2nd to 3rd. A week later it shows a conviction of the previous DUI2nd. This charge was over 14 months old.
I am not licensed to practice law in Kentucky (area code 42101?), so out of respect for any experienced DUI attorney...
My fiance is incarcerated at the Pike County Detention Center. He got a two year sentence for fourth offense D.U.I..
He got revoked from his probation for getting in an accident, and receiving another D.U.I.! It was dropped to a third offense. He goes to court over that charge on September 27th, and he will still be in jail when he goes. His release date as of now is November 26th. Do you think he may be released earlier, or not?
I'm confused. He was sentenced as a fourth time DUI before his third offense was sentenced? As to whether he will be...