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Relative caused an accident (this was in FL), judge wouldn't consider the fact that he had just been released from the hospital the day before, and still had Librium in his system (on police test), because he had BAC of 0.106. A friend visiting that morning said he was acting dopey (typical for Librium), even tho he had not been drinking yet. Far as we can tell he had at most one or two drinks before leaving the house. We think hospital was negligent in letting him drive himself home the day before, and not giving him any instructions to avoid drinking or driving, but guess we can't do much about that. We feel the accident was caused more by the effects of Librium, a depressant, than the drink. Serving time; any recourse?
The Intox test tests for the amount of alcohol in your breath. The Intox machine does this by looking for the Ethyl...
I have waited the allotted time for my license to be released. The only thing is that MA wants $730 to release it. If Maine is going to make me get an interlock device, I'd rather wait and save my money. I know I have to be the owner of the vehicle and feel getting my license released may be just blowing my money when I could pay two months rent with it if I'm going to be required to jump thru more hoops for ME.
Since you are residing in ME you should either contact a local experienced attorneys that deal with drivers license...
Pulled over Friday night for not stopping at a blinking red, officer asked if I'd been drinking I said no, he preceded to do basically every field sobriety test he could do multiple times trying to get me to fail, thought I did fine but he handcuffs me after anyways and states I'm being arrested on suspicion of OUI and brings me to station for breathalyzer, where I blow a .12 and he brought me to jail, never once reading my full rights.
What is a relatively well I'll test. It certainly is possible that the church could be reduced. Your performance on...
I left the scene of a minor accident (< $2500 worth damage). Driver of struck car reports (inaccurately) the make / model of the vehicle to Maine State Police. MSP issue a "BOLO" for the inaccurate make / model. MSP then contact a campground / resort (private land) & ask if a vehicle matching description had recently entered resort. Resort: "Yes." & Resort Security escort MSP to site where vehicle is parked. MSP approach parked vehicle (in driveway of private lot (i.e; lot owned by vehicle driver) on private land (Campground / Resort): find the driver sitting in driver's seat - no keys in ignition - charging cell phone & drinking Malibu rum. MSP never witness driving & saw drinking of rum on own property. Driver arrested: DWI (.275 BAC). Is this arrest legal??
You might have a good issue as to whether the police had probable cause for arrest. There is also an import question as...
I have no criminal record Just that reckless driving
Unlikely, but the rules are always changing. Just inquire directly and they will let you know if it disqualifies you.
Plead out to a cwof. As a result Mass has suspended my right to drive in the commonwealth for 45 days. My understanding is that Maine doesn't suspended for non convictions. Is there any truth to this
The interplay of state motor vehicle departments is complicated. Each has different agreements with the others as to...
I recently got denied a job from a OUI that happened when I was seventeen. I called the court that processed my case and they said it was a juvenile matter and they don't know how the job has found out about it.
I am sure that the information is set forth in your driving record. Whoever you spoke with at the Court gave you...