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  • Two Arrested On Endangerment And Drug Charges

    Jun 18, 2017 | via WLEX-TV Lexington 

    KNOX COUNTY, Ky The Knox County Sheriff's Office says that two people were arrested on drug charges and three counts of endangering the welfare of a minor after they received a call about two parents passed out with children in the house. When deputies arrived at the home on Weeping Willow Road in Gray, a witness told them that the two-year-old was outside in the front yard alone after dark.


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Gray Law

How much time for a federal violation??
I am on federal supervised release, got 4 years of it, been on it a month shy of three years and I got charged with a dui (alcohol), disorderly conduct and menacing. What do you think they will do?
They will hopefully only modify your conditions rather then revoke and incarcerate you, provided you have no other...
I have to reported to provation in the morning for first time and I'm gonna failed my drug test and I just got out out jail.
I relapsed before I ever seen my provation officer
There is not really a question here. Testing dirty is almost assuredly a probation violation. The Judge may violate you...
Can I be convicted of a DUI for this? And How can I get my license reinstated?
I was pulled over and arrested a few weeks ago for DUI 2nd offense. The only thing I had taken was an over the counter male enhancement capsule which I had never tried before. The officer said I failed some of the sobriety tests and said my eyes were fluttering. I did take a blood test. The only other substance that should be in my system is Hydrocodone for my severe hemmoroids. I have a prescription for this but it is probably about a year to a year and a half old. The judge also said he had to suspend my license pending the 2nd DUI offense and I have only been to court once. Can I talk to the judge and tell him what I took? Can they convict me of this? The previous DUI is about 3 years old.
DUI Second Offense in 5 years is a serious misdemeanor offense in KY. You need to hire an experienced criminal defense...
Transferring dui classes to another state?
1st dui, i took the case to trial but if i plea guilty to the charge, will i be able to transfer the required minimum penalty, including classes, in another state and will the fines and fees be reduced since im indigent?
Yes. Most all sentences for DUIs can be done in any state so long as the requirements/classes/evaluations are...
DUI -Aggravating circumstances. Can jail time be bargained out in any way?
Hello I live in Kentucky and have had my first dui. I have no criminal background nor even traffic offences. I am 44 years old. There is the "aggravating circumstances" involved because I blew slightly over that fine line. KY calls for 4 days jail first offense because of the AC law. Is there ANY way the jail time could be beat or "dealed" or the judge can work around it ( if he is willing ) Also, I have a severe blood pressure / anxiety problem which my doctor is trying to work with me on. I am on medication for both. Can health problems possibly let me serve a home arrest? PS. I am willing to plead to all charges on this and pay all fines.
I don't practice in KY so you need to speak to a KY lawyer for a definitive answer. But in general anytime less than...
I was charged with a DUI after my ex husband ran the truck into the ditch
My ex husband was still in the driver's seat when the officers showed up. My son and I had gotten into another truck with a stranger to get away from him. He threatened my son's life if I didn't tell them I was driving. He also told a friend of mine that he was driving and for me to not let them convict me of the DUI. The officer never did a test at the jail nor did they give me medical treatment. Can they use the preliminary results in court?
Yes. Hire an attorney to help fight your case.
Can can I own a firearm with a DUI felony?
Can I own a firearm with a third offense DUI felony
If you were subject to more than a year in prison (not what you served, but what you could have served), then federal...