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Regarding DUI
Hi I have got a DUI with 1.2 blood alcohol level . Can you please let me know what steps I have to take to come out of this .
Step 1... hire an experienced defense attorney. Step 2... talk openly and freely with attorney about case. Step 3....
Could D.A use a blood draw that hospital used for diagnosis as evidence to a dui case ?
Blood drawn due to car accident, hosptial drew blood for diagnosis an not evidence for an dui case? Which law states that the blood drawn for diagnosis would be inadmissbble in court. Thanks
They can try especially if it's a serious case with injuries. Get a lawyer right away.
I refused a chemical test for my first dui. But the officer is only charging me for an A1*(Lead) what does this mean? Ive never!
I refused chemical test but cooperated with the officer. He is only charging me with A1*(Lead) not the refusal.
You need an attorney now. The refusal is not a separate section of the DUI statute so he charged you correctly. The...
Is a restaurant/bar responsible for an employee getting drunk while at work?
My daughter and I were hit by a drunk driver. The person that hit us became extremely intoxicated (BAL. .228) while working as a cook in a restaurant. She clocked out of work around 11:05 and hit us around 11:15 approximately 200 yards from the restaurant. The restaurant claims they had no idea she was drinking/drunk at work. They asked the employee to sign a letter stating that they didn't have any knowledge of her drinking. She was never fired and remains working as their chef. The drunk driver plead guilty and is awaiting sentencing. I suffered a bilateral fracture in my L5 vertebrae and was told that it will never heal. I completed PT and will be seeing a pain specialist. I already had a consultation with a local attorney who told me I didn't have a case because of DRAM Shop laws. Do I have a case against the restaurant?
First, do you have counsel on the case versus the chef?
When should a dui facing defendant take a chance with trial vs taking a plea deal?
Should all dui cases go to trial? Or should plea deal be taken? what to consider?
The first question depends on the facts of the case. How many witnesses, what is the blood alcohol reading, what is...
Is it better for a 17 year old to plead not guilty for underage drinking even though he was holding a beer and taking a sip?
At a concert my son was arrested for underage drinking. He admits to holding a beer and taking a sip. That is the same scene the officer told us. I understand PA is a zero tolerance state, but we are not sure if it's better to pay the fine and move on or plead not guilty and hope for leniency of. some sort.
Plead not guilty and hire an attorney. Its possible the charge could end up being dismissed.
What can I do in my situation? I called they said take it to the dealership they will pay? can I get more or suffering?
Well I had a ignition interlock device put in my car a year ago and yesterday It had been a full year so it was time to take it out. I went to Penn Dot got my license reinstated and then headed to Dauphin County Interlock Service Center to get it out. I work nights so the gentleman said i could drop it off, get some sleep and comeback to pick it up. Went and picked it up around 5 and there was a sensor that went off soon as I started it and said "CHECK CSV" or something similar to that. I own a 2007 Lexus GS. So I called right and and left a message. Went home got some sleep and went to work. Same sensor going off. Then all of the sudden my engine light and my break lights come up on the Dashboard. Im in the middle of the highway and tractors speeding by my car decided to shut off. My steering wheel locked and wasnt able to restart the car. I almost got hit from behind trying to drive my car while it was shutting off to the side. So I call the Center up and left a voicemail again. He got back to me but I was asleep the first time i called. But when I was going to work It was 11 30ish at night thats when the car shut off. I take good care and this nvr happend be4. I was late to wrk
Sounds to me like you are asking about a civil lawsuit and that this is not a DUI question. That said, "Can I sue...