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I was arrested for DUI in my driveway.
Was home in my pj’s and an ex boyfriend came and took his truck and screamed out of the drive. I heard a crash got in the car and drive to the end of the drive to find out what ha happened. Neighbors called police. I was arrested, not even in car, had been home all night and not on a public street
It sounds like you DROVE to the scene of boyfriend's crash in your pajamas. If you have a measurable blood alcohol...
Can i apply for citizenship if i had previous dui?
Will it be a problem if i had dui last dec 2014 ( misdemeanor, 1.2 level of alcohol) , and apply for citizenship this year?
Questions will arise but it’s probably not fatal. Get a good immigration lawyer.
Can I get my drivers license back my just paying a reinstatement fee?
My license was suspended because someone got mad at me and called the dmv to complain about me, which got my license suspended. The dmv got the idea that I had dementia and wouldn’t let me get my drivers license back. They pretended to act like they were going to give me back my drivers license by giving me a drive test but those tests were doomed from the very beginning. I finally got my doctor to write a letter saying that I do not have dementia. Now dmv is willing to give me another test. Is there any way I can get my drivers license back by just paying a reinstatement fee. Because of all this I went to a driving school to brush up on my driving skills. Rebecca
DMV will tell you if you are eligible to get your license back and what you need to do to get it. It is unlikely...
How long am I facing for 2nd DUI? My last one was in 2015, both of which were with accident. No one hurt! Thankful for that.
I am currently seeking help for my alcoholism. I do have an alcohol monitor. I am really remorseful. I have court in a few weeks. I am working to better myself. What am I facing for my 2nd DUI within 3 years?
Probably facing 30 days, giver or take. Get into rehab and/or attend AA daily. Remorse means virtually nothing in...
1st time DUI defendant in CA, needs "DMV Hearing" within 10 days, but there's NO info on DMV website & NO Phone # listed Help??
Arrest for DUI in Sebastopol, CA on 19 May. Still do NOT KNOW the BAC level? No fund's for attorney; 1st offense; NO priors.
Call the "Driver's Safety Office" of the DMV in your area. Better yet, go meet with a local DUI attorney without...
What other options does DUI program have to offer instead of being expelled from DUI class?
First incident 2 months ago I admitted that I was under the influence of alcohol when I was confronted with a breathalyzer and was expelled. Did what was needed to be reinstated. I was again asked by counselor to take breathalyzer test, and instead of taking the test , I admitted that I was under the influence of alcohol. I asked if that meant I will be expelled from program. She said no. She said that being expelled last time seems that it didn’t work to keep me sober that she felt that expelling me this time won’t help. She is going to call me in near future to make an appointment to discuss this issue. That was all she said. I was wanting to know what other options DUI program has to offer me, to keep from being expelled. I am greatful for not being expelled and believe she is trying to help me. I just don’t know what will be expected of me to do and what I can do in the meantime to show my sincerity other to go to AA and find a Sponser to keep and stay clean and sober and if you have any suggestions for me To do. Thank you
DUI programs have their own policies, so you would have to discuss options with them. If the program terminates you...
How long am I facing for 4th DUI within 10 years?
I was arrested for my 4th DUI. I am also being charged for evading police. I am on parole and probation with two strikes.
The maximum, I’m estimating, is 3 years plus 8 months doubled and served in state prison at 80% not including the...