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  • Active shooter risks are real - and in the news

    Thursday Feb 23 | via Business Insurance 

    The morning after an intoxicated, belligerent man opened fire in a packed bar in Kansas, killing one person and injuring two, risk management experts told a packed house of restaurant and retail risk managers that active shooter risk is something businesses cannot ignore. Lance Ewing, executive vice president for global risk management and client services at Katy, Texas-based Cotton Holdings Inc., pointed out the coincidental timing of his scheduled talk Thursday at the CLM & Business Insurance Retail, Restaurant, and Hospitality Conference in Grapevine, Texas, happening the day after the headline-grabbing incident at Austin's Bar and Grill in Olathe, Kansas.


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  • Alabama man pleads not guilty in North Iowa

    Tuesday Feb 7 | via KIMT 

    One of the men accused of defrauding a Cerro Gordo County woman out of thousands of dollars is pleading not guilty. 22-year-old Coty Lee Phillips of Eufaula, Alabama and 41-year-old Eduardo Cruz of Grapevine, Texas are both charged with 2nd degree theft.


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  • Continue reading Former Grapevine volleyball coach g...

    Jan 19, 2017 | via Dallas Morning News 

    A former Grapevine volleyball coach has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for sexually assaulting a teenager on his team. Damian Merrick, 49, who owned the Grapevine Volleyball Club, was convicted Friday of one count of sexual assault of a child and one count of delivering marijuana to a child.


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Grapevine Law

What are my chances of beating DUI 1 with BAC of 0.16
I got pull over with a BAC of 0.16
There ar too many other variables besides the alleged blood alcohol concentration to answer your question - much more...
Tarrant County. First time DWI offender with 2 violations on interlock device. How likely is jail?
Violations on IID were two separate occasions. After first violation I was ordered to wear a SCRAM bracelet for 60 days, without any issues. Second violation on IID was low BAC, that quickly went to WARN (within 10 minutes). What is the likelihood of receiving jail time? Thank you.
You need to contact a lawyer who knows your specific situation. The answer depends on whether or not you are on pre-...
Arrested for DWI BAC was .01%. 2nd blood test was 1.6% for THC. In Texas. What can I expect?
I was assaulted by the arresting officer during my arrest. Have hospital reports of injuries.
Are you under 21? And are you asking what will happen with the DWI or how does the assault play into the case?
Charges are 2nd DWI and POSS CONT SUBST U/1G-PG1, while being on probation for 1st DWI. Texas. Jail time?
These are my ex-husband's charges. I don't understand the severity, so I am trying to decide if/when I should have a conversation with my children. He was arrested a month ago, and he hasn't been to court from what I can tell. If he's not going to do jail time, I'd rather not even tell them. My spouse disagrees and advised that I reach out to someone in the know that could give me a reasonable estimate of the amount of time that their dad could be incarcerated before we decide how to handle the subject with them.
Do you do the family's dental and medical treatment too? Do you really think that some stranger on this site, no matter...
How do i get a non disclosure for a felony dwi w/child under 15? how can i get a non reporting for the remainder of my probation
I have been on probation for 4 yrs and 2 months this is my first offense dwi child under 15, i have 10 months left,i completed all of my requirements the first 6 months of probation,i have not been in any other trouble since this one time,what are my chances of getting non reporting for the remainder of my time?
A defendant who is on probation for a DWI, let alone a DWI with a child under 15 in the vehicle, is very unlikely to be...
My boyfriend got arrested for a DUI and now ICE has him is there a way that he can stay in the U.S.? Can he be Deported?
He came to the U.S. about four years ago since then he has not had a bad record no tickets or anything. But about a month ago he got aressted for a DUI he was in jail for a month and now ICE has him. Can he be deported? What is my next step? What can i do to help him stay here in the U.S.?
Did he come here legally? That is the most important question to know
What penalties could be dropped when hiring an attorney for a 1st offence DWI in Tarrant county, Texas?
I was pulled over and arrested on Saturday in Mansfield, Texas for a 1st offence DWI. I was given a sobriety test but failed miserably. Blood was drawn at the police department. They kept my there till the next day. Will this count as time served? If I hire my own attorney, what penalties could be waived? My current job is very strict on how many days missed. Are the following required? SR-22 insurance or an interlock on my vehicle?
Because of time limits, even with a blood draw, regarding your Driver License, you must hire an experienced DWI defense...