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I was in a one car accident with my parents in the car we were all taken to hospital i had a syringe on me and tested positive
The officer didnt arrest me and told me to come to magistratres office on Monday this happened on a Saturday
I suggest you seek out a criminal defense attorney ASAP, and stop making admissions on social media such as this site.
DUI 2nd offense in WV and DMV delayed decision for 5 years
I got a 2nd DUI in WV in July 2011. The DMV set my hearing for April 2012 I did not get notice of their action until May of 2016 almost 5 years after the fact, I am not going to get an interlock device and soon will be moving out of state. I know that I can be suspended for ten years; so after 10 years can I get a drivers license without participating in the Interlock program or taking classes? Also on my driving record what would be the date of offense?
The date of offense is July 2011, but the DMV may suspend much later because you never showed up. It is a fools errand...
What are penalties typically imposed for failure to complete DUI deferral program in West Virginia?
I opted for the first offense, non-aggravated DUI deferral, which requires 185 days with an interlock system on my steering wheel. I have a secondary heading in a month and a half, where my progress will be evaluated. If I only have ~30 days completed by that point, will they file a motion for failure to complete the program, thus entering the guilty plea, and if so, what are the typical additional penalties imposed? Will it likely include jail time? Thanks
First, it’s a 165 not a 185. Second, courts typically will afford more time to complete the program if the citizen is...
I’m a first time offender of theft of 1116.10 a felony with no criminal back ground what can I exspect of bail or if I get on?
The police officer that I talked to said that I wasn’t under arrest at the moment but he said he will give me unreasonable doubt and that I should just turn myself in when he come back from his vacation. He said I could turn myself in early before a warrant is out so he could process me, but what I’m wondering is will turning myself in before a warrant is issued look good on me, I have two jobs, no criminal record prior to this soon to be one and don’t know that’s good enough for a low bail and not having one some advice would be lovely.
Turning yourself in is always better than being arrested during a traffic stop or at your home. However, you should...
Can a DOR/DUI 3rd-1 and a DOR/DUI 3rd be dismissed cause it was suppose to be fourth not third
my boyfriend wrecked his blazer he hit a fence and a telephone pole he was arrested and charged with DOR/DUI 3rd-1 and DOR/DUI 3rd. well it was suppose to been his fourth DOR/DUI. they never did any test to see if he was drunk or not. well they took him to jail and he seen the judge over the tv and they was suppose to have his paper work there for him to sign in front of the judge but he didn't get no paperwork and he didn't sign anything. I was wanting to know if he can maybe have his charges dismissed cause of the wrong charge and he didn't sign nothing. can you please let me know cause he was out on parole and they revoked it and now i I cant get him out on bond. thanks
It's a 3rd or "subsequent" offense. Meaning, if you have more priors than 2, in this case 3, then a new arrest becomes...
When trying to transfer valid Va. Drivers lic. To wv dl, can wv punish Va operator via interlock for a dui in 2011.
I had a Wv dl living in Va for a few month got a 2 dui within a few days. I was sencenced an spent 30 days in jail an 2 yrs without dl. Moved back to Wv 2 yrs later after getting a valid Va drivers lic. An wv tells me i have to get a interlock for 2 yrs before I can get a valid lic. here
Yes, WV can and unfortunately will. You held a WV driver's license at the time of your two dui arrests and subsequent...
How can someone who was given a dui without any charges or convictions over 2 years ago get their license back in WV?
I was not in the drivers seat, I was found a mile from my car thrown out while another person was in the drivers seat of my car, Yet I was the one who was supposedly charged with a dui but they threw it out of court and never fully charged anyone in it. Although a cop wrote to the dmv in Charleston WV saying I drove drunk, and they took my license from me in November of 2015. How can I get them back and what would I have to do....? I really need answers
In West Virginia, as absurd (and tax payer $4+ million) as it is, the criminal court proceedings and dmv Administrative...