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Can I get my DUI case thrown out?
Hello I was recently arrested for my 3rd OWI. I’m wondering if I have a case to get it thrown out and whether I would need a private attorney or if a public defender would work in my situation. I was pulled over in the side of the highway I was in the passenger seat. The car was out of gas so it could be operated even if I wanted to. The keys were not in the ignition they were somewhere on the floor. Before the cop got there I drank from a bottle I had in my car so there is no way to know if an accurate bac level if I was even driving. What I feel right now is it innocent until they can prove I’m guilty. I gave the cops a story about a friend driving who ran away which they assume is false but if they can’t prove I was driving do I have a case? Also even if I was driving the fact that I drank in the passenger side makes the blood test I took pointless because even if I was driving there’s no way to know what my bac was. Just wondering if I have a case and should fight it. Could a pd get me a plea deal like reckless driving and open ibtoxicant to make the dui go away. I can’t survive living through a 3rd OwI
Posting a public confession that you were in fact the driver and also committed the additional crime of obstructing isn'...
Can my dui be dismissed ?
Officer sent letter in mail stating that he had voided my dui citiation because the ‘citation was issued in error’ because he initially put 346.63(2) then changed it to 346.63(2)(a)(3) after the blood test came back. Thank you
Not only is this not a reason to dismiss the case, it is required by law for the citation to be amended when the test...
How can I get my DUI s expunged?
I have 4 DUI's first one when I was a teenager on a pedal bike with a electric motor and my last one was 17 yrs ago. Can they be expunged?
Expungement laws are controlled by state law. Contact a criminal defense in your area to advise you further.
How can I get a dui dropped?
Friend got a owi early this morning with a couple other charges (exceeding speed zones,failure to keep vehicle under control, and driving wrong way on divided highway) on her owi ticket it says her bac was 00
For one, you can't get it dropped this early because you don't have evidence she wasn't driving under the influence of...
How Can I become exempt or granted to have the IID removed from my vehicle. ?
I have continuously failed the IID. It is a hazard and it is dangerous to myself and others. I cannot physically perform this without failing at every attempt. My lung capacity is not strong enough. I wrote the judge a letter hoping to get this removed or become exempt from the IID device in my vehicle. My anxiety has also been sky high because of this and my eczema is the worst it’s ever been due to stress.
IID is mandatory. Absent the ability to demonstrate financial hardship, the only other possible option for the Judge...
First OWI charge with a minor.
Hello - Pulked over for speeding 15 mph over the posted speed limit Consumed alcohol approximately two hours before being pulled over had my 14 yr old kid in the car with me this is my first offense The Bac results have not been sent to me it’s been almost 4 weeks since this incident.When I was booked breath test was 0.08 Is this something that requires a mandatory jail time my main concern is being the sole provider of five if this would affect my job Status ?
Yes. The minor in the vehicle exposes you to second offense penalties, including mandatory jail and an ignition...
Will I get a jail sentence for my second owi my first offense was 12 years ago, both in Wisconsin??
I was pulled over recently for owi, my second time fist time was back in 2005, will I have to serve time in jail when I go to court or does 12 years I between owi's lessen my chance of going to jail?
So, unless there are aggravating circumstances (ex: a child in the car, injury to another party, etc.), the fact that...