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How long will I lose my license if i got a new dui with a prior dui that was amended down to neg 1!
I got my first dui and that was amended down to negligent driving 1 and my attorney had won the dol hearing even thought neg 1 doesn't have any licenses consequences, will this new dui which am doing a deffered prosecution because I believe I am a alcoholic how long will I lose my license or be suspended or interlock requirement
The answer depends on several factors. If the prior DUI reduced to Negligent Driving First Degree was within the past...
I am confused about my DUI /open container situation
I was pulled over almost 2 months ago and blew over the limit. I was not arrested and was released on my own cognition. I pulled a WATCH report today and there is absolutely nothing on my record. I've only received an open container citation that I'm going to contest in court and a date has already been assigned. My driving record reflects a pending violation which the hearing is next week. Nothing at all anywhere about a DUI? Not on the court website either. Only the open container violation with the pending court date. Is it possible that the officer only cited me for that and not aDUI? I'm very confused
The statute of limitations on a DUI is two years. The WATCH report only reflects convictions, not pending...
I might test positive on a UA. I am on a deferred prosecution. Will my deferred get revoked?
I'm currently on a deferred prosecution in Everett,Washington. I have made it all the way through intensive outpatient and am almost done with outpatient treatment. I had 4 classes left. I told my counselor today that I relapsed, and then was given a UA. I have never been out of compliance since I entered the program in September of 2016. Will they revoke my deferred. When I relapsed, I wasn't doing anything criminal, I was drinking alcohol in my house. I just chose to be honest because I'm trying to work an honest program.
This is not one of the mandatory reasons to revoke a deferred prosecution. Work with your treatment agency and your...
When do they send the actual DUI citation?
I was pulled over on 5/15 taken to the station and then released. I was not booked into jail or fingerprinted. Today I received a citation which under the "did then and there commit each of the following offenses" the only thing listed is 46.61.519 open alcohol container. There are spaces to put in other offenses but that is the only one listed. I'm confused?
Sounds as if you where not charged with a criminal offense but driving with an open alcohol container, likely a bottle...
Can I smoke marijuana while under the SCRAM bracelet system?
I live in a state that legally sells recreational use of marijuana and I am unfortunately under monitoring of alcohol specifically due to a case of DUI. Because of the ankle bracelet (SCRAM) that is supposedly and only meant to strictly detect alcohol in the human body, and I was curious to see if I am able to recreationally smoke marijuana just for passing time. Simply put; I'm bored... and playing games, going to work, being around friends, it's boring.
You can check with the product insert or the company itself, but it seems the product is for alcohol detection only.
How many days does the DOL have to respond after sending in my license suspension contested hearing request form?
I sent in my contested hearing request with the $375.00. They cashed it on 5/26. I'm wondering if they are required to respond to me within a certain timeframe?
You have 20 days, calendar days, to send in your DOL hearing request. DOL must hold your hearing within 60 days after...
Dol driving record is showing suspended?
I am contesting this and sent in the form and they cashed my cheyon 5/26. This all occurred within 10 days (well within the 20 day requirement). When I go to the DOL site and enter my license number is still shows as active. However when I pulled my driving record the offense which occurred on 5/15 appears and it shows suspended? How is this possible when it hasn't happened yet? And if I can get this corrected until the actual decision has been made what do I need to do? I am absolutely freaking out!!!
You may call the DOL to ensure that your suspension appeal was received and that your license is still valid pending...