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If I was ordered in Sacramento to install a interlock 3.5 years ago for a DUI and never did do I still have get one
I got my DUI in Sacramento County on new Years 2011 when they started the mandatory interlock device , and I didnt get my California drivers license back while I was going through my DUI courses because I was going to be moving to Washington State in the Fall of 2011. I kept my SR22 on my license as ordered, but never went and got my license because I did not have a car to install a breathalizer interlock device into. When I moved to Washington State I eventually got my Washington license and have had my Washington license after California released the suspension. I am moving back to California and eventually want to buy my in car. Will California still say I have to get an interlock device being its been almost 4 years or can I get a waiver being I have had a Washington license.
The standard length of time that an interlock device is requires to be on your vehicle for a first DUI is 5 months ,...
Do I have a chance of dropping my DUI charge if I have video that my car has never moved?
Hi, I have 3rd DUI charge pending, 2n'd was about 2.5 years ago which was dropped to 1st. My first DUI was in Florida in 2004. A month ago neighbors called the police because they saw me sleeping in the car on my driveway. By the time police and ambulance came, I was already outside and my car was locked. I failed sobriety test and blew .21. I also have a video of how i came home in the taxi and my car never moved. I read that prosecution has to prove that I actually drove the car, do you think video of me not driving is valid enough reasons to get charges dropped? I also have all taxi and lyft receipts which justify my story of not driving at all. After all, i learned my lesson from two priors, that's why I take taxi and lyft everywhere I go when i decide to drink. Reason of me getting in my car in the first place was because after being out all night, I needed to get a charger from my car and fell asleep while looking for it. Do you think I have a defensible case?
I do think you have a defensible case, but you need a skilled lawyer to properly present it. Good luck.
DUI/DMV question: Can the DMV issue a restricted licence on a Wet and Reckless court finding?
A friend has been offered a Wet and Reckless plea bargain, after being arrested on a DUI charge. But he's been advised the DMV has authority to issue a Restricted License (so he can drive to work) ONLY for DUIs -- and that they CANNOT issue a restricted license if the court orders Wet and Reckless. Is that true? It is counter-intuitive... The court case is in San Rafael, and the DMV hearing is in SF.
It sounds like your friend has a lawyer. Please encourage him to raise these questions with his lawyer.
I need a re-referral for my DUI school. This is the second time I am asking for the paperwork. Will I be in trouble?
I can't show up to court personally because I moved to Southern California. They knew this prior. Will my public defender still help me?
Maybe. Have you called them? Why can't you get his done? It's not that difficult.
How to obtain Blood results before my DUI hearing
Can I obtain my blood results BAC from a blood draw that was taken at the hospital after a minor accident? Can I also obtain my breathalyzer results before the hearing?
I hope you're not considering representing yourself. That's a terrible idea. You need to request "discovery" from the...
If person is convicted of DUI in Placer County but there was absolutely NO alcohol involved, only legally prescribed medications
and state law does not include Placer County in the required use of a breath analyzer, but DMV required one, how can we appeal the requirement?,
The implied consent law applies to EVERY county in CA. It requires a blood or breath test if alcohol is suspected,...
How to obtain blood test results from blood sample that was taken in El Dorado County, California?
Minor accident and was taken to the hospital. Blood was drawn and I was released. How do I find out results of blood for BAC and my breathalyzer test results.
If you are charged your lawyer will get the results.