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It is my first offense ever. I only blew a .093. I was pulled over by two squad cars for an air freshener on my mirror. They refused to let me see my first PBT test and then made me take another one.
It depends on the prosecutor you work with, but many times they will be willing to allow you to plead to a lesser...
I know that paying a lawyer is better because they are more skilled but Is there still a chance of reducing my first DWI to a careless drving? I have absolutely nothing on my record. also i dont understand why people are telling me that my license revocation has to be dealt with before trying to reduce my charge? i was told my license wont be revoked until after my court date? aslo, does it matter that the officer never read me my Miranda rights before during or after my arrest? and is it legal for him to refuse to show me my PBT test?
The big difference between a public defender and a private attorney on a DWI charge is that the public defender will...
no paper work or ticket was givin to me
Typically arresting police officers will leave the paperwork that they would otherwise give to an arrested person, to...
SO I got a DWI. my blood test came back and its .08. I live in Minnesota, am i likely to get charged for the DWI or dropped to reckless driving?
Contact Doug Hazelton. His website is at
my dui was lowered to a carless driving but the state still wont give my cdl back,,,,my lawyer said after it was changed from dui to carless i would get it back and that hasent hapened... i think he should have knowen to do both??
If you failed to submit to a breath, blood or urine test at the time of your arrest there was nothing you or your...
i need to drivbe again to care for my family the dui was taken off how do i get the impiied concent off???
You need to have the DMV remove it. If you did not hire an attorney, you may have missed an important deadline that...
I was on conditional release from minnesota jail. The day before my court date, I was followed home by a PD officer (alone) and told to submit to a random ua, as a condition of my release. Test results were positive for Methamphetimine, and so the officer also issued me a citation for DWI, because he had observed me riding my motorcycle, but had no probable cause to believe I was under the influence>
The successful defense of the DUI will most likely hinge on validity of the UA test which would be controlled by the...