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Grand Junction Crime

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  • Bus crash in rural Utah kills 13-year-old, injures 11

    Monday Jan 1 | via Daily Mail 

    Autistic boy, 16, is arrested after 'shooting dead his mom, dad, sister and family friend with a semi-automatic rifle' just minutes before midnight in New Year's Eve massacre Track attack: Bruised and battered Todd Palin is seen for first time since his son beat him bloody as he escapes to family cabin with wife Sarah and kids PICTURED: The two prominent Jewish-American families killed in the tragic New Year's Eve plane crash in Costa Rica Samsung hit by ANOTHER battery crisis as Galaxy Note 8 users say they are unable to switch their phone back on after letting the battery run down There really ARE plenty more fish in the sea! It's the busiest day EVER for dating sites with millions expected to sign up for love Bargain birthday: Don Trump Jr celebrates the big 4-0 with a $20 ice cream cake and golf while sharing old family pics of himself and dad Donald Pence IS going to Israel as ... (more)


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  • Grand Junction man arrested after overnight vehicle ...

    Wednesday Dec 27 | via Denver Post 

    A 38-year-old Grand Junction man is facing a felony charge after an overnight vehicle chase with sheriff's deputies Tuesday that spanned two counties and two days. The Mesa County Sheriff's Office responded to a report of a man making suicidal and homicidal threats about 10:15 p.m. It was told Trenton Miller was in a Ford F-150 pickup, armed with a gun and heading toward Montrose.


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  • The People's Defender: Grand Junction Attorney to Re...

    Friday Dec 22 | via US News & World Report 

    The longtime Grand Junction defense attorney is known more for his soft-spoken manner, his extreme attention to detail, and the trademark bow ties he's sported since the mid-'80s, than for raucous courtroom antics. After more than four decades defending the criminally accused in Colorado - and a Mesa County career bookended by trial victories - Eisner will retire after handling one last sentencing Tuesday.


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  • Colorado man asks for - and gets - maximum sentence

    Dec 10, 2017 | via The Gazette 

    GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- A 62-year-old man who pleaded guilty to attempted murder after stabbing two men with a knife in the Grand Junction area was granted his request for a sentence that will send him to prison for life. he was arrested June 10 by police officers who found him holding a large silver knife in a yard, with two victims on the ground nearby with stab wounds to their torsos.


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  • Satan's Disciples gang chief indicted on organized c...

    Nov 30, 2017 | via Denver Post 

    The U.S. Attorney's Office and other federal laws enforcement agencies are teaming up to investigate Satan's Disciples members The 31-year-old chief of the Grand Junction chapter of the Satan's Disciples gang has been indicted on a slew of criminal charges including racketeering , arson and aggravated robbery. Christopher Wilson, 31, of Grand Junction, was indicted Wednesday on 24 criminal counts including violating the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act , according to a news release from Mesa County District Attorney Daniel Rubinstein.


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Grand Junction Law

If 1st Alliance calls parole cause you are driving without a license what can your parole officer do to you in means of vialatio
I drove a fellow fellon to take a Ua today and someone that works at the Ua place reported me to parole for driving on a suspended license. I'm to report at 8am on Monday. For both driving and association.
Certainly your parole officer could file on violation of your probation, but depending on your relationship and the...
I was arrested for DUI in Colorado and the dmv has no record of my ticket is that good ?
I was arrested six months ago for a DUI and submitted to the blood test. I have not received anything from the DMV when i called them the said the had no ticket showing in their data base.
What has happened is that (1) the cop never sent in the blood test, (2) the blood test was corrupted or in some way...
How can an alleged speeding be turned into a dui refusal after in custody with no proof. Any help?
Pulled over for alleged speeding, taken in on a $50 fta warrant. Next morning charged with dui. No roadside offered no refusal offered no signed refusal, no blood or breathalyzer test. Officer said he smelled odor of unknown alcohol.
Officers can charge whatever they believe they have probable cause for. However, it sounds as though there isn't much...
Will I do jail time for my first dui even if I have a lawyer
Got pull over and refused the roadside
Dear Grand Junction: Jail time on a first offense is not likely but always a possibility because jail is given solely...
If the police officer did not send DUI ticket to DMV am I in the clear with them, as in no interlock, lose of license ?
I was issued a summons for a DUI six months ago. I submitted to the blood test the results are still not in. My criminal case is still pending. I have not received anything from the DMV for a hearing so I called them up and they told me the had no record of any ticket and my license is still valid any thoughts ?
It appears you have beat the administrative portion. Now, you can still lose your license and have to do interlock and...
Can I get a Colorado I.D., not a driver's license, if I have a felony warrant in California?
I need to get a CO I.D. to go to work, but I have a felony drug warrant in CA. Will the CO dmv issue me one, or will they have me arrested and held for extradition?
It is very possible you will be detained. You should retain an attorney in California to get the warrant lifted...
What are my options on a failure to appear and no compliance on a DUI in 2013 ?
I received a DUI in grand junction co in 2013. I am originally from Wyoming and have been notified that my license is still suspended and that I have a warrant out for my arrest. How much jail time am I facing ? And is it possible the court will accept a eval, community service, and classes this late after sentencing? I work in the oilfield as an electrician and am trying to get my life straightened out so I am trying to get this situation handled.
Based on your info. it appears that you pleaded and were sentenced in Co. It certainly wont hurt you to complete all...