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Can you be charged with position of marijuana and paraphernalia even when you didn't know it was in your vehicle?
I was coming down a big hill while covering the brakes. My speed had increased past the speed limit which was noticed by a reserve officer. At this time I had dropped my phone next to my seat when I felt something hard. I continued into town and when the officer finally pulled me over he stated right away he smelled marijuana. I haven't smoked in 1 year and 4 months. When the cops search my vehicle they found nothing but said they could smell it. I let them search again and they still found nothing. While they searched the vehicle I began to wonder if what I was feeling beside my seat was what they smelled. I gave them the impression I might know where the marijuana is that they are looking for. I walked up to my jeep and reached in between my seats and pulled out a glass bowl with marijuana. I could have just thrown it out but when I was coming into town I had no idea what it was and I couldn't retrieve it Because I was sitting in the seat. I also haven't been driving this Vehicle in over 2 weeks. If I have no acknowledgment of said item of what it truly was. How come I was charged when I really had no idea what was in my Vehicle.
It was within your dominion and control. You lead them right to it, even though they had searched twice and not found...
When did Indiana lawyer change to where a person is now forced to give a blood test after breathalyzer results are inconclusive
Was taken to county jail to was told to give breath in machine after breathing in machine and for whatever reason no good results so I was taken to hospital or whatever it was and was told I hv a warrant to give blood when did these laws change in Indiana
Sorry to lazy to google for you. Ask your lawyer or google change in law you'll get your answer faster if you do it.
I was charged for a DUI on November 17th. Today is December 6th and I was caught shoplifting a cardigan from Target.
I haven't been given a probation officer yet. The DUI is from September 2013 but I didn't go to court for it until September 2014. If Target presses charges, is this a probation violation since I hadn't started my probation yet? I am almost 7 months pregnant and the idea of going to jail anytime soon is pretty intimidating.
It is not a probation violation, but it may be an "out on bail" violation. If you were given release from bail on your...
I have ten year suspension! I need a Hardship liciences
3 dui s in three 10 years! Magylivery 3 Dui s in ten years
You will not be eligible for any type of restricted driving privileges until at least 5 years of your 10-year...
I got an HTV/Felony and was needing to get some type of license to drive to work, is this possible? I got it in 2011
Under Indiana law (I.C. 9-30-10-16), an individual who has been adjudged to be a habitual traffic violator (HTV), and is later convicted of driving while HTV, may have his/her driving privileges suspended for life. According to our records, you were convicted of driving while HTV, and your driving privileges were suspended for life on 09-12-11. An individual whose driving privileges are suspended for life, and who meets all of the necessary qualifications, may petition the court in the county in which he/she resides, for a rescission of order and reinstatement of driving privileges under I.C. 9-30-10-14. You may wish to contact an attorney for assistance.
You will not be eligible for reinstatement for 3yrs or 10yrs, if at all. It depends on your circumstances and prior...
DUI help for first time offender in Indiana
Hi I have been booked under DUI with BAC 1.2.This is my first offense.I did not cause any accident or damage to anyone just took a turn without signal and passed all the test(I asked the cop who arrested me about how I did with the test) other than BAC one.My question are below 1)Should I hire a lawyer to defend my case? 2)In cse "yes" whom can I hire on Indians Bartholomew county and what are the average charges in this case. 3)What can be minimum and maximum sentence in this case.I have no previous criminal history 4)how much time it takes to get a date of the hearing? 5)Is this a criminal chrage and will it hamper my future job applications 6)I am on H1B visa so will it cause any problem in future visa extensions. Please help me answering these questions as I am in real mess.
Without question you should retain counsel if you can afford one. Am certain you can find counsel in the desired...
In 1990 i was convicted of dui manslaughter. it was considered two dui convictions. i was sentenced to 12 yrs, 8 yrs probation ,
licsense revoked for 12 yrs & 600,000 in fines. 20 yrs later i was renuing my indiana drivers & was told that florida dot had permanently revoked my licsense. do i have any recourse in this situation?
How did Florida get into this in the first place? Was that where the manslaughter occurred? You never mentioned...