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  • GV police ask for help to find wanted man

    Tuesday Nov 24 | via NBC Action News 

    A news release from the Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline said Michael P. Snider, 36, is wanted on a felony warrant issued in June 2015 in Jackson County, Mo., charging Snider with kidnapping and domestic violence assault. The news release states Snider is also being sought as a person of interest in another kidnapping that occurred in Grain Valley in November 2015.


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Grain Valley Law

Can i sue Guardian interlock for damaging my car?
I was forced to put the interlock in for an extra 6 months after the shop took it off without telling me i needed to call the state to confirm the dates, it was within 10 days of getting it removed. I had to put it in my new car and when they attempted to do so they damaged my electrical harness in my car, i had to take it to the dealership, five days and $400 later they told me the person that put it in knocked a harness loose. I have contacted the company 3 times now, no response, this happened back in July and no one will return my call. I have a full report from the dealership stating what happened.
Yes you could. But if your damages are only $400 then its probably not worth the time and money it will cost to sue....
I am on probation with Midwest adp for a dui I got another one which revoked my probation an had to start over so I got lucky.
Now I recently got a driving on revoked ticket which is another violation what should I expect to happen at court. Ps it's the same judge that has dealt with all this
Possible jail time. Speak to the attorney who is handling your cases.
I'm an educator. I am applying to jobs. do I have to disclose that 7 years ago I got an DUI?
It says that I will undergo fingerprinting
This depends entirely on the questions asked in your application. What was the disposition of the DUI? What state was...
DWI warrant from 2001 in Springfield MO. Have had others since. What will happen when Springfield DWI is taken care of?
Zero tolerance in 1999. DWI with refusal to blow in 2006, 2008, 2010. 2010 was class D felony conviction with 7 year sentence serving 120 days in prison/treatment. Will that affect the sentencing/penalty for the 2001 DWI when it is taken care of? What could happen and what do you recommend? Thanks
With your record, I hope the cop has retired. Was the ticket a city or state charge? You need a lawyer. Take in your...
Can a drug admission at a hospital be strong enough to be used against you in court?
A good friend of mine recently got himself into trouble. He was operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated (not on alcohol), and when he crashed (not terribly bad accident just fender bender) he was taken out of the car, cuffed, sat on the sidewalk and talked to for a bit, and then taken to a hospital. Apparently he wasn't actually arrested since when he left the hospital there was no bail and he ended up going straight home (had to have a sober ride pick him up). While he was in the hospital however, apparently he admitted to taking a drug earlier that day before the accident and it states he admitted this in a hospital document. We are wondering if this could be used against him in court to turn his charge into a DWI?
Admissions can be used against him if the city subpoenas the medical person to testify at a trial. His blood work...
Coming up on the end of my 5 Year license suspension for DWI. In Missouri I have seen that you need to file a petition?
Do I need to file a petition against the State in order to be able to get my license back or is it "time served"?
You have to file a action in court. It is not automatic. You need an attorney as well.
I got a DUI 8 years ago, do i still put it on job applications?
I got a DUI in Arkansas in 2007 and convicted in 2008. I need to know if I should put that down on a job application.
Unless there is a reason that it would be a closed record it will still appear on any criminal history ran as well as...