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I received a DUI in 2008 in Hawaii, I just got another one last night 9 Mar 13. Will this be considered a second offense?
Was pulled over, officer stated I wasn't driving straight.
If you pleaded guilty or were found guilty of the 2008 DUI then, yes, this will be a second offense and you're looking...
Do you have a choice to take ua or blood test
when officer feels you were drinking or possibly under influence of drugs and they tell you that if you take field test you wont be taken to jail, then you take them and tell officer that you might have problems because you have a bad left hip, and carpatunel in both hands with documentation with you and you will do the best you can, she ask if your refusing i say no because i know i have not taken any pain med except for my inhauler. i was really upset my brakes had went out it was very hot she had me right in the sun. I waved her to help me due to my brakes failing. she towed my car claims smelt chemicals. we do landscaping and cleaning services for elderly and disabled so i had cleaning products lawn mower, gas ect in the back of my van at the time of stop. gave her doctor papers
Normally no. It is completely up to the arresting officer whether to give blood or breath. But some cops will follow...
I have done a lot of research online, and I see more and more that DUI's now stay on your record permanently.
Is this true? Also and most important as well, I am requesting more clarification...does this also apply to deferred prosecution for DUIs? I live in the state of WA.
Even in States that have expungement laws, it is not possible to expunge all offenses. Some States exclude DUI's from...
DUI charge and fines, can she still be released from jail?
My sister got charged with a DUI, it got dropped to negligent driving if she would take her court ordered DUI classes. She never went to those classes and missed all her court dates for this charge along with other ones. She got picked up by the police and is now serving 38 days for the DUI. It says she has a fine of $1,145, does she have to pay this fine before she can be released after her 38 days? She has that fine a long with thousand of dollars of other fines for driving while suspended and no insurance and I want to make sure she will still be released after her 38 days or if I need to hurry up and try to find a way to get this money for her. THANK YOU!
Hello. The court will not keep your sister in jail because she has unpaid fines. Was the 38 days imposed as a sanction...
Where can I get a alcohol assessment for free. I had 3 dwi s last one in 1995
Need alcohol assessment I completedvtreat ment way back then my last dwi was in 1995 no trouble since then and would I have to file an sr22 after all this time
I suggest using this website to assist in your search for an alcohol assessment provider.
Possibility of Second DUI being reduced due to extreme situation
It has no baring on my case, but I'd like to preface this by pointing out that I currently do loss prevention (nearly 3 years) and so integrity is the most important trait to me. After my first dui I learned my lesson and had not drank and driven since. Now 19 months later I get arrested for another dui. The situation being I took to drinking in order to meet people, being that I'm from Kansas and have no friends. And so I made acquaintances through the bar. I was invited to a party. I had every intention of sleeping where I was going and told I'd be able. But at the party I got into a heated conversation with an intoxicated man there about how I admire police. Long story he began making me feel threatened and revealed he had a firearm. I tried to separate myself but in the end found the only way I felt able to protect myself was to basically flee. I was then arrested and received a BAC of .156/.15 due to failure to dim lights. I know I was absolutely wrong to drive, but considering it was an extreme situation and I had no one to assist me might the tacoma municipal court consider reducing my charge?
Whether that's the story you are going with or not, you'll need to get a competent defense lawyer before you go to...
Can i get a global resolution for an 09 dui out of lynnwood, wa an a 08 poss of marijuana in federal way, wa?
I have a DUI warrant from 09 in Lynnwood, wa Snohomish county and a possession of marijuna under 40grams warrant in Federal Way, wa from 08. Just got another DUI in Tacoma, wa 2015. Taking a deferred prosecution for this one but want a Global Resolution for the others. Is that possible?
Global resolutions are always possible but become less likely when they involve multiple jurisdictions and when you...