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Can I get this kicked out of court for illegal search and seizure
I got stopped the other night and the police officer came to my passenger window I put the window down and he set there and talked to me for approximately two to three minutes then he ran my license then he came to my driver's window and said he smelled marijuana I got caught with a little bit of meth and a meth pipe I was not high he said he thought I was high because I kept wrinkling my forehead because he was standing behind me and I had to lean back to talk to him he didn't smell it on the right side of the car but after he checked my license he smelled it on the left side I don't believe he smelled it is this illegal search. Does he have the right to even ask to search my car or me without probable cause. He found it on me in my pocket there was nothing else in the car and there was nothing for him to see or smell is this probable cause.
First do not discuss this with anyone who is not your attorney or one you are seeking to hire. Anything say to anyone...
I got arrested with DWI in Missouri, and got the drivers 15 days license suspension notice? How can I proceed or face this case?
I got arrested by police yesterday because of DWI, I got 15 days of driver's license suspension notice and court hearing on November 17, how can I face this case? Could anyone please help me how to proceed with this incident? Actually police office put me in jail for 12 hours, will court again send me to jail on hearing date. This is my first time, I have good driving history, I didn't get any tickets from the past 2 years(not even single speeding ticket). How can I come out from this situation. Please help me It was happen in Missouri state, My driver's license state is Florida.
So I don't know anyone I care about, who was facing a DWI, that I would not tell to hrie a criminald efense attorney....
Missouri DWI.
I am an Illinois resident and have an Illinois drivers license. I was charged with DWI in Missouri in August. It was my first time ever being charged with any type of crime or alcohol problem at all. I am 58 years old. I received in the mail today a notice telling me that I lost my administrative hearing that I had on December 18 with findings of fact and conclusions of law. It lists things that I need to do in order to get my privilege to drive in Missouri back reinstated. But, what I want to know is what do I need to do to protect my driving privilege in Illinois? As I understand it, MO will send this violation to Illinois and they will punish me under the laws of Illinois as if the DWI occurred in Illinois, is that true? Additionally, I plan to hire a lawyer to file for a trial de novo in Missouri. Does the trial de novo have any affect on the suspension? So, I need to know how my driving rights in Illinois will be affected, when they will be affected, and what I need to do and what I can do as far as getting a restricted driving privilege to be able to travel for work, etc in Illinois. Can someone please answer this for me thoroughly? Thank you so much!
A MO licensed attorney can try to get you a new hearing/appeal, but the license will remain suspended. IL will be...
Did I get a good deal on my dwi case?
First time offender in Missouri. I did refuse to blow so I was looking at a 1 year suspension. My attorney is supposed to be the best around for this and at $10,000 I expected a great outcome. The 1 year suspension was dismissed. I received an SIS, 2 years unsupervised probation and 40 hours community service. I feel this is the same deal everyone gets.
Sometimes you are just going to get what everyone else gets. it's not always up to the attorney, no matter how much...
I got a dwi in 2008 what do I have to do to get my drivers license back?
I got a dwi in 2008 what do I have to do to get my drivers license back
From the information you’ve provided nobody could possibly be able to tell you what you need to do, or if you are even...
HHow do i petition the court for reinstatement of licence after 10 year revocation?
3rd dwi revocation for 10 years. Served 3 years with D.O.C. No accident on my record.
You hire an attorney or you proceed Pro Se. I do not suggest proceeding Pro Se, as I've seen too many of these get...
Is there an option to replace jail time with inpatient rehab treatment?
My husband who obtained a DUI in Kansas recently and 30 days later obtained one in Missouri. The 2nd DUI has additional charges with 2 minors in the car under the age of 14 and a BAC of .191 With past history DUI’s from over 10 years ago being in Missouri and now the two recent ones, I am trying to see what possible scenarios may happen with this and options. I know that jail time is apparent but due to the long history of alcoholism, treatment would be needed inpatient to avoid the effects of dry detoxing. I know that alcoholism has its long term mental effects which to me would create the normal rational person to think clearly in being realistic with decisions made over a period of time. Does the courts look at this in considerations of placing someone inpatient for treatment for a longer period of time versus behind bars for serving time?
Missouri will not be able to count the Kansas prior unless your husband had already been convicted prior to his new...