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Can I be charged with DUI after the fact?
I had a single car accident after drinking a few beers. The cops came and took a report and towed my car. My wife then picked me up from the scene. The officer never asked if I had been drinking or if I was impaired. They did not perform any sobriety tests or make me blow. Is it possible I could be charged with DUI in the future if the officer did suspect I was under the influence?
Yes, you can be charged based upon the officer's perception that you were under the influence.
Tomorrow I will be in court and put on a CRO program. If the first UA is failed what will happen?
I had received a DUI and will be trying to get it off my record
If UA means urinalysis, and it was within thirty (30) days you may be O,K. as long as the subsequent drug tests are...
Will I be able to apply and receive a CDL if I have had 2 DUI'S but never had my licene revoked?
First DUI I went though a court appointed program and it shouldn't be on my record, Never had license revoked. Second I did the same thing but I had failed to complete some of my community service from the first so that one got put on my record. Never revoked my license.
It is my understanding that Federal law prohibits issuing a commercial drivers license to individuals with two DUI...
I was arrested and charged with dui how can I ask the judge for a plea to lower the charge, before or after I plead no contest?
the arresting police officers report was rescinded by the Alabama department of public safety.
With all due respect, your question shows why you need an experienced DUI attorney to represent you. First, there is no...
Is pretrial diversion a good option rather than going to trial for dui this is one option I was being offered
first dui charge
It depends. It's a great option if your lawyer believes there is sufficient evidence to convict you. If your lawyer...
How long is the process of obtaining a driver license through a Welch hearing?
License is revoked for 4 more years in Florida. After establishing residency in Alabama, how long, from application through review and possible granting of an Alabama license, is the process?
The Code of Alabama provides certain legislatively enacted requirements the Department of Public Safety must follow in...
What us 30 months in the pen suspended 24 mths active,supervised probation
Your question is a little vague. It sounds like two things happened here: 1. You got 30 months in "the pen" but the...