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Wit 4 dwi in ten years can i stay out jail and get bak at all ??
Last night I got a 4 dwi in 10 years last dwi was 6 years ago December 20 2011 sentence date I got caught driving revoked license trying to help someone else out I was supposed reapply December 20 2016 can someone tell me good news
Realistically, unless you take it to trial and win, the DA will almost certainly ask for jail time as part of any plea deal.
When can u get license back after revocation does it go by your sentence or conviction date ???
I got convicted on 8/16/2010 wit license revoked class e felony dwi I got sentence 12/20/11 then I got 5 yrs probation wit revocation of my license does that 1st year count of my revocation ???dmv is sayin I don't get off the revocation until 12/28/2016??? y ?? thought they go by ur conviction date not sentence ??
You are technically not convicted until you are sentenced. Regardless, it goes by the sentencing date.
Can I get get my license back after 3 dwis ????
I got 2 dwis in 2008 that have been resolved then I got another july 10,2010. That has also been resolved. 3rd dwi was a felony . I haven't had no lcense for about 3 years its revoked for 5 yrs . Its been very hard to have a life wit my daughter and wife I been sober the whole time through this I just wanna better my life but in order to do that I need a license or a restricted if possible . Albany says I can't apply till my revokation period is over with . Is it possible to have some sort ability to drive with representation of a lawyer and money ???
You should contact a local DWI lawyer to see if you can qualify for an occupational or restricted driver's license!
Can my ex lose custody if he gets a dwi?
My ex and I share a 3 yr old daughter. We have 50/50 custody however my ex has a drinking problem and has been violated numerous times. I know it's only a matter of time before he gets a dwi. The issue is we have in our court order he is not to drink or have alcohol around our child. He been violated numerous times because of his drinking and I worry about our childs safety. If he gets a dwi would that be reason for an emergency custody?
If an issue like this arises and the child's safety is in jeopardy there is a change in circumstance which may warrant...
Can a judge reccomend a specific lawyer in a DWI case out of NY state?
I showed up for my first court date guilty not guilty do you need a public pretender? That whole 9.. I said I am looking for a lawyer and the judge wrote down the name of an attorney? Is this OK I mean I appreciate the advice but can I get some me friendly results do to his actions or no?
It is more likely that the Judge is assigning you a lawyer, not recommending a lawyer. If you cannot afford an...
Is the arresting officers hand written supporting deposition important in a DUI
After over a year upon my dui arrest I pled guilty. It was seed my deposition was fabricated. I know the Judge, da, or public defender had not a deposition. I through away my copy of the long form. My second dui with in a ten year period . I am still answering to probation.....
It was seed my deposition was fabricated? You mean your plea was fabricated?
Can I get a conviction dismissed after I pled guilty, was sentenced without a jury , finding out there may have ben a fabercatio
The law had just changed on Jan-1,st five years ago, a dui with in ten years apart was considered a felny. I was just under the limt. I through away my copy of the arresting officer's hand written supporting deposisition .One of the officers asked me and the arresting officer for a copy of the dposn. The DA ;judge or my P D had a copy.After quite a while I felt I should not have,,, but I pled guilty. Things got confusion, I felt sure the most important thing in LAW was what was written onstone. My public defender was going to hand my case over to a ex DA who sed to me the deposision was very important . In between bad weather, a short three way conversation with ex DA and the investigator for the PD,I went before the Judge and pled guilty. one very GOOD thing of all this is four yrs sober
I don't understand a lot of what your are saying. A second dui within 10 of a dui conviction has been a felony for much...