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I got a dui can I renew my carry firearm permit
the dui was 5 years ago
There is insufficient information to respond intelligently to your question. Moreover, whether or not you can renew...
Wondering what goes on at ARD hearing? I have already completed Highway Safety, Drug and Alcohol Evaluation,
First time offense DUI and I know there will be a fine, license suspension, is there community service always or is it case by case? I have a lawyer but he's away at the moment and I am curious as heck. Is probation where I get an officer to report to on a regular basis? Or is it set rules set just for me to abide by? TY
I assume that your attorney will be back prior to your hearing so he will be able to answer all of your questions. ARD...
Could a good lawyer get your suspended license time reduced if it's not dui or wreckless driving in PA
I live in an area where I need to drive to get to work, and I can't get a workers permit until 3 years without another driving with a suspended license offense.
All issues involving license suspensions are strictly enforced by the motor vehicle code. A lawyer can review your...
Can I be convicted of a DUI if I was not in the car?
Charged with a DUI but I was not in the car when the cops arrived nor did I have possession of the keys. Not involved in an accident . Cops came because of a fight.
Maybe. There is not enough information to know the answer to that question. The Commonwealth would have to prove that...
Can you get a dui if you are not in your car.
Can you get a dui if you are drunk inside the store and not in your car?Keys are in car but not in ignition. There is store video footage showing this person driving up to the store. Cops came in store and arrested him.Is a Dui possible if you are not even in your car?
Sure. I mean I suppose you could argue you were drinking in the store?? Depends on a lot of factors but if they find...
How is Pennsylvania DUI look back calculated?
I have a prior DUI conviction from Feb. 2006 sentencing in Sept 2006. I got stopped for DUI in July 2016. Is the look back calculated from date of offences, date of convictions, or a mix of both? This would be a huge difference between the two for penalties and I would like to know where things stand.
The statute just was amended. It reads: the prior offense must have occurred: (i) within 10 years prior to the date of...
Supreme court dui 2016 ruling
With the new supreme court ruling 2016 happening, What is a guesstimate that would happen with open cases with blood drawn without warrants. From my understanding the blood that was drawn cant hold up in court. If that is the case would the DA be dismissing a lot of dui cases? What will happen to the open cases that are still open and evidence against a person does involve blood drawn? Thanks in advance
I am not sure anyone is 100% sure what is going to be happening. I work in a number of counties where the DAs are...