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My brother was dui, wrecked into a garage with his 3 year old in the car with him, then fled the scene and was caught by an offi
was caught by an officer, car impounded, child taken by cys, but he was never arrested. why not? my brother even admitted to the officer that he was drunk at the time he was caught. also relating to my brother, he lied in a court order to get his child back by saying he had been completely sober from the time he got out of rehab but when the hearing took place he admitted to being intoxicated several times. the case was heard and the judge gave her ruling, but can i get him charged with perjury?
It is up to the commonwealth to charge him with anything
I may have to do 75 hours of community service (for 1st offense DUI).
I'm on permanent disability. (Was found Fully Favorable 7 yrs ago)..I can't stand more than an hour, or sit long without frequent breaks, stretching, etc. I also have a sleep disorder. All documented and provable. Can I be medically excused (Pennsylvannia) from community service, or have it converted to a reasonable fine?
One thing you might consider is finding an organization for which you could do the community service. I know that our...
I got a dui can I renew my carry firearm permit
the dui was 5 years ago
There is insufficient information to respond intelligently to your question. Moreover, whether or not you can renew...
IN Pa back in 2006 i was pulled over and arrested for a suspision of a DUI. Blood work came back cleen. Was a Charged still?
I recently applied for my conceal carry permit and i was denied becuase i was i have charges from 2006. The thing is i was arrested. Passed a breath test and 2 field sobriety. At that point they demanded blood. I complied and let them take my blood. i came back clean and had never heard another thing. Now i was denied becuase it says i was charged with a DUI. again ive never recieved anything from anybody. SO my question is was I charged just becuase i was arrested even though i never had to goto court or ever deal with this again?
The best thing you can do is speak with a local criminal defense attorney. Sounds like you were charged but perhaps...
Can I continue to be questioned once I've asked for a lawyer?
I was arrested for a DUI. Once I was in the station I was brought into a interrogation room. Not once through the entire process was I read my rights. I asked for a lawyer and a phone call. I was denied. After I repeatedly asked for a lawyer and was denied they basically forced me to sign a piece of paper. They told me that I wasn't allowed a lawyer until I answered all of their questions. They accused me of doing drugs and I asked for a urine and blood test. They denied me that as well. Now it will be a week since I was arrested and I have called and asked what I am being charged with. No one will give me any information or even give me so much as a phone call back. All of this seems wrong to me and highly against my American rights. Is this ok?
If you were arrested, and you were in custody and you requested a lawyer, you cannot be further interrogated. See,...
Can I appeal my sentencing for dui? the sentencing was on feb.18 2014.what is the statue of limmitations?
iwas not even driving I was in a store,my Miranda rights were not read to me, I feel my rights were violated.? can you advise me what my rights are...
Your question was asked and answered a few minutes ago. The answer to your question hasn't changed.
Wondering what goes on at ARD hearing? I have already completed Highway Safety, Drug and Alcohol Evaluation,
First time offense DUI and I know there will be a fine, license suspension, is there community service always or is it case by case? I have a lawyer but he's away at the moment and I am curious as heck. Is probation where I get an officer to report to on a regular basis? Or is it set rules set just for me to abide by? TY
I assume that your attorney will be back prior to your hearing so he will be able to answer all of your questions. ARD...