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  • Gore standoff ends peacefully; suspect arrested

    Apr 21, 2016 | via Sequoyah County Times 

    A standoff that closed the Gore Schools on Thursday ended peacefully with the arrest of Colton Dwayne Cheater, 25, of Vian. Gore Superintendent Lucky McCrary said he received a call about 6:30 a.m. of a possible armed standoff at a mobile home park near the elementary school drop off area and he made the decision to err on the side of caution and cancel school for the day.


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New information on case
About 3 months ago I asked all of you about what I should do after being arrested for a DUI. I talked to the highway patrolman that did my sobriety tests a few days ago. He asked how court went (I'm still going through court) and when I told him that he was very surprised and asked me why. He informed me that when they asked him to turn the paperwork in that he simply threw it away. He said that the case should have been thrown out. Now I'm confused... How exactly do they have a case against me when the paperwork was never even turned in because he says he knows I wasn't actually messed up on anything. I don't know if I can actually get him to say anything in court or defend me if I asked. So I feel a little stuck. Any good advice on how I can handle this or if I can do anything at all?
If you are still going through court, I assume you have not entered a plea. You should tell your lawyer about that...
I got arrested for DUI after passing two tests so what happens now?
I just left work and on the way home I got into an accident. They asked me to do a field test and I passed it. I also passed the breathalyzer. I refused the blood test, however considering I passed the other two I didn't think it was necessary. So they took me to jail and had me sign some forms and considering I worked from 8 at night to 10 in the morning and it was already close to noon I did not read the forms. I am not guilty, however since I did refuse the blood test I doubt I can prove that. What can I do?
A lot. Do not rest on thinking that DWI's can't be beat. A good/great DWI attorney can work wonders. Sometimes I...
How can OK DPS make a person have a IID two separate time for the same DUI?
My husband got a DUI in 2010 had an IID for 3 yrs, took the classes and did the VIP.. Now he's going tomorrow to the DPS but when he called Tuesday they told him he'd have to do another year with an IID, 2 yrs probation and check in with them(DPS) every 6 mos. Isn't that like a double jeopardy kind of thing?
Consult with a locally experienced DUI attorney. Most will offer a free consultation. Good luck. Jasen Nielsen
What are my punishments for this
I'm underage and me and my buddies were drinking at a party we decided to leave and my one friend started to drive and we got pulled over me and my one friend in the back were arrested I'm pretty sure with with minor in consumption or public intoximent I'm not sure, what are my punishments
Well, you are not punished yet, just arrested and probably charged, so best to get an attorney to see how to get the...
What kind of problems would I face if my DUI charges have not been filed yet? Am I able to travel to Mexico?
My dui charges have not been filed yet and I'm traveling to Mexico this weekend on a wedding trip I have to attend
If you have not been charged, you have not been charged. If you are gone for a spell and charges are filed, that might...
It's all in the first lol
Refused to cooperate/ missuffient sample I did ask for administration hearing and it's my first dui. I'm unemployed still and applied for food stamps. Hopefully job can happen soon to pay for these classes. I'm pLeaing not guilty of course. So Idk wish it didn't happen but it did so wondering I was Givin my liscence back after 4 days in jail. I had only 200 dollars and bail bonds man trusted me that I had it so come the 12 this month Im suppose to have a lawyer judge going be pissed we go way back he sold me out for 1000 on a child sexual charges I was pushing against my ex husband that lasted for 7 years which nothing happend it's was joke so but the judge at first sight smiled at me not sure why cuz maybe I'm in front of him or maybe my cop arrest video or both but I don't want to have an 18 month breath car crap if thier possibly shorter intervals in oklahoma or something I think classes court and liscence gd enough problem be bout so I can more back to Illinois I have a life waiting for me so whatever u can tell me to argue or mention I be grateful thank u ttyl
Sounds like there are multiple issues here. Even though it is your first DUI, if you want to challenge the...
How to get my lic. back
I got a dui about 18 years ago I have not had a drivers lic. because of this for 18 years is there any way possible to get my lic, back . At the time my lawyer told me it was a fine only of $200.00 he did not tell me about the state would pick it up and suspend my lic. I have not done anything to get my lic. back. I am now handicapped but I need to get a lic. this happened in moore okla.
Go down to your local licensing agency and ask them what you have to do, if anything, to get your license valid.