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If i live in WI and got a DUI in Mn, do I have to pay the $680.00 reinstatement fee for Mn, or is there a different price?
I have reinstated my license in WI, and I am not allowed to drive in MN until Feb 7th. Not sure if I have to pay a fee to drive or if I can just start driving.
You will not be legally able to drive in MN until you satisfy all of MN's reinstatement requirements.
Do I need to hire a criminal defense attorney? (WISCONSIN)
Over the weekend, my 18 year old daughter was at a party. The police showed up, she ran. They caught her about an hour later. Her BAC was .059. They issued 2 citations (no appearance required for either). One for Minor Possess/Consume Alcohol 1st offense (fine $263.50) and Resisting/Obstructing Officer (fine $389.50). Do we just pay the fines? Will there be any further "punishment (i.e. other fines, jail, etc.?) and will this be on her permanent record? Eligible for Expunction any time?
If no appearance is required, they aren't criminal charges. What can be done for damage control depends upon many...
I am wondering if I can get a case dismissed if there is an error on the paperwork for the time the probable cause took place?
OWI and driving with PAC charge in WI. Time of incident was 02:09am. Probable cause was that I went over center line, ticket for this has time stamp of 05:04am, 3 hours after my arrest. First case was dismissed for no probable cause, DA has refiled.
The error is just that, an error. While it may create some issues, ultimately, the testimony of the police officer...
How do I expunge a DUI charge in Wisconsin. Advice towards success? Would my age aid my case?
I am a Minnesota resident who pleaded no contest to a DUI charge in Douglas County, Wisconsin in September of 2005. All fines have been paid and requirements met and I wish to seal/expunge this incident from my record. I have no convictions of any kind prior or since, and was under 21 (19) years of age when the crime was committed. I am wondering about how to proceed, financial costs and my odds of success. Any advice is sincerely appreciated.
By statute you cannot expunge OWI/DWI charge in Wisconsin.
Can I get my fine reduced for a first offense DUI in Wisconsin?
I'm 29yo with a clean record, and was arrested with a BAC of 0.11. Was pulled over for having a brake light out, cooperated completely, and spent the night in jail. Am facing a 6 month DL suspension and $691 in fines. Not a huge sum, I know, but in my present financial situation, even a small reduction would help a lot.
It may be possible, but this is a better question for an attorney in your area. You may have a good case to defend.......
If i had a previous DUI at 19yrs old in Minnesota, and now at 21 got a DUI in Wisconsin, is there a way to fight it?
I got a DUI in minnesota at 19, about two years ago. im a wisconsin resident, and now i haven't gone to court yet for my second one. is there any way to fight it? im thinking about getting an attorney for it.
Fight the OWI itself? or the fact it is a 2nd? Both have strategies to reduce or get it dismissed, have an attorney...
What does the court system in WI need to convict you of an underage drinking violation?
I had not been given a breathalizer and i did not have anything alcohol relalted in my possession i smellt like beet and i looked drunk. can they still give me the ticket in which i recieved if i were not even near my car and i had nothing on me..... the officer had not even asked me to do a breathalizer or a subriority test. Will i lose my license for it or will i be able to keep it. and will my car insureance be affected even tho i was nowhere near my car and i was not driving?
Please see my answers to previous similar questions. I believe these answers address your concerns: http://www.avvo....