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What is the best legal approach to a first DUI with having blown a 0.081?
I was recently pulled over for failure to maintain lane, and then arrested for DUI with a 0.085 by the road, and a 0.081 at the station. I had had two beers over a three hours period, and felt perfectly capable of driving. Unfortunately, I hadn't eaten since noon that day (this took place at 2:16 AM), thus my body wasn't processing the alcohol the way I would normally expect it to. I passed all the FS tests, and after having taken the breathalizer the first time, the officer refused to tell me the results until much later in the evening (I don't know if they're supposed to or not). What chance do I have of beating this charge, and how should I go about things from here?
You need to hire a qualified DUI lawyer, and hire one quickly. You have limited time to make sure that your driving...
Can you have 3 DUI charges on 1 arrest?
A friend of mine was arrested on a DUI charge. But his charges show 3 DUI charges so his bail is triple the amount. Is this possible? Is there anything we can do to get the bail reduced? BTW This is in Gwinnett County.
Is this a situation where your friend had several children in the car? Or is he just being charged with DUI in 3...
If I don't have a 4th, does that apply to my husband as well since we both own the property?
In a DUI accountability court program, I waived my 4th amendment right.
Normally, any person with possessory rights can waive 4th amendment rights against warrantless searches. So, in...
Will seventeen yr old be charged as adult or minor for DUI, failing to yield, class d license? What will her consequences b?
Seventeen yr old daughter pulled over for failure to yield after midnight, officers thought she was high so took her to hospital t get drug test where it showed marijuana in her system. They then booked her for DUI. Failing to yield, Class D driving license.
This case requires special attention due to her age and potential consequences. At 17 her DUI will be heard in...
Does anyone have recent experience with Geico and DUI's?
I was recently charged with DUI, and it also included damage to my own car and nothing else. If I have full coverage and no claims for years, will my insurance still cover this? I do plan on working to prevent a conviction to that charge, hopefully a lesser.
A DUI involving a wreck means that your insurance may "hang you out to dry." You need to contact individual attorneys...
Ignition Interlock Waiver for DUI from 8 Years ago.
Long story short: Back in 2008, in Georgia, I had a 2nd in 5 DUI (and totaled my vehicle) after which I served jail time, paid hefty fines, had to take several classes and satisfy other requirements for my probation. Shortly after completing those requirements and finishing probation, I moved from Georgia, to Chicago, Illinois and have lived here ever since. One of the conditions for reinstating my license was to have ignition interlock for 6 months. Problem is that I don't have a vehicle, and can't purchase or finance one without a license. I can't get an Illinois license without my Georgia license reinstatement fee paid and that requirement for ignition interlock satisfied. I'm at a loss of how to proceed and would like someone experienced with waivers and the process involved so that I can a) take care of making Georgia happy, and b) getting a drivers license. I haven't drank since my accident in 2008, have a great career, and haven't been in any legal trouble since that stupid decision I made over 8 years ago. I live in Chicago and really don't want to purchase a vehicle, but still would like to rent a car or moving truck from time to time and need advice.
All you have to do is get an ignition interlock device waiver. Do you remember which court your case was in, or who the...
will i have to get an Interlock Ignition device & Will i have to take 2 Risk reductions and D&A evals also?
I got two dui's within 3 months of one another in two separate Georgia counties. My court date for both were 2 days apart. Both courts convicted me of a first offense DUI and imposed basically the same penalties. I am finished with both probations currently. Georgia DDS suspended my license for 1 year and 8 months. I am very near to that time. I know the DDS knew it was my second dui but the letter said nothing about an Interlock Ignition Device, only that a limited permit would be available after 12 months. I just never really needed the permit because I car pull to work and other places fairly easy. So after the 20 months I don't know what to expect to reinstate my license. If there is need to hire legal counsel in this matter I am more than willing to hire someone to resolve the matter as easy and quickly as possible. Thanks in advance for any advice and for taking time to hear me out!!
You don't even know if there is an issue, beyond the one in your mind. Why don't you go down to licensing and apply...