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Do I have to take a recommended drug assessment even though I have passes the drug screen?
Dad once again is harassing me. They claimed they got a call. The allegations against me are as followed, education neglect, drug user, and my child is malnutrised and unkempt. I have proven the education neglect, he missed 3 over the allowed medical excuses ( I now have him in homeschool ) due do his special needs issues, I have passed my drug test, and provides medical proof from his doctors for why he is small. The unkempt is a lie, my son takes more showers than me and hates being dirty ( thanks to his special needs issues ). They are now saying I need a drug assement. I don't see why if I have passed a drug screen. I feel as if they are trying to find something to make me a bad parent because I have proved them wrong on everything they accused me off.
Who is "recommending" that? The ex or DSS? If DSS, you will not get them off your back by a refusal.
I was hit by a drunk driver, I have no insurance, can I still sue?
Saturday morning I was pulled over and a drunk driver hit the cop and his car ran into mine, I have no insurance but was never issued a situation. The officer was injured and I can hardly move my head today, tomorrow I have to take off work to go to a doctor tomorrow. I would like to see a lawyer too, but don't know what will come of it considering I wasn't insured. I drove away from it, but ended up running out of gas because the tank was punctured.
Many times a person may be injured from a car accident, but the body doesn't respond to the pain or injury until days...
Is there a plausible defense for killing your estranged spouse while intoxicated
A husband is home drinking and wife knows he is unstable to begin with, she goes to pick up some of her things with her young daughter knowing he is drunk. he follows her into the house and stabs her to death. Police arrive, he answers the door all bloody, while handcuffed outside and in the police car he asks if his wife is OK. She was pronounced dead at the scene. He is clearly intoxicated to the officers and can hardly even stand. He appears to be unaware of the severity of what he has done because he keeps asking if she is OK. Now, he is not a big man and his wife is not either, does he have any kind of defense that would render him not guilty to murder but guilty for a lesser charge? I am uncertain if he knew she was coming to get some of her things. Its a real tragic story (
would not recommend doing it. There are always defenses, the question is, will a jury buy it?
I wanted to know do you get drug tested before you pay the 250 for PTI ?
I have already payed 100 for them to accept me I guess and I go back on the 26th of this month and I wanted to know if I will be drug tested the day I pay the 250 or will everything be handled after the first 30 days after I pay at the pti requirement appointment.
You should ask your lawyer, but it may be a condition of your PTI. I do not know the charge or what the Judge ordered....
How do I request a continuance for DUI charge?
I refused breath test. I do not have an Atty will have money next week Docket signing this morning
You can ask the Court for a continuance, but do not miss a Court date. At the very least you can ask for a jury trial....
Military DUI can I fight it? And will this affect me civally or will it stay in house?
I was coming home from a friends house, when I was less than a mile from my military housing I was pulled over for "Failure to maintain lane" although there are no lanes or markers on the street in out housing. I was then taken into the station for the breathalyzer where it did not work. I was then transported to another location where that breathalyzer also did not work. Finally at the 3rd place after about 3 hours I took the breathalyzer where I blew a .14.
Are you active duty? Request your representation if base police arrested you. It will be reported to DMV and hit your...
Can I appeal a DUAC?
In July of 2016 as I was driving home from my birthday party I had a diabetes issue, hypoglycemia, and passed out while driving. It's true that I had four beers in the span of 5 hours and was no where near drunk. I explained to the arresting officer that I was in a hypoglycemic state and he flat ignored me. I was arrested for dui and booked. I blew .09, legal is .08. Before the breathalyzer the officer was adamant that I had way more than I confessed to. However, when he saw the results he stated that I most certain,y did only have a couple of beers. In court the judge requested on 3 occasions that the charge be dropped to wreck less driving. I had brought documents supporting my medical condition and how the ketoacids from being in a hypoglycemic state form in the mouth and will give a false reading. Also proof that when in a hypoglycemic state, one appears to be drunk as hell. This was not reduced to wreck less driving because the arresting officer would not agree to the lesser charge. Makes me wonder who really is in charge in court. Is there any thing I can do to get the duac reduced to wreck less based on the judges recommendstion in an appeal?
I am assuming that you did not have a criminal defense lawyer at your prior trial. Yes, you can appeal the conviction...