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Request earlier court date? Did I do the right thing saying I was a unfit parent? What should I do?
Girlfriend of four year's tested positive for Drugs(meth) during the birth of our child. Her grandparents hired a lawyer to keep DHS from taking our baby. There was not time for me to prove my paterty. We both signed saying we we're unfit. I was never drug tested nor do I use drugs. Grandparents have temp. Custody and live hours away. Next court date is 3mths away. They have also stated they won't fight us , they want us to have our daughter.
In guardianship actions, a finding of unfitness makes it much more difficult to terminate the guardianship later if you...
Can I drop the charges on rape the officer said it was rape I was drunk when filling out papers what do I do
I just don't knw what to do cause it wasn't rape at all we were both drunk yes I passé out woke up to him trying get my pants off
You should do nothing before consulting with an Arkansas criminal defense attorney. You could expose yourself to...
I received a DWI 1 yr ago. How long does it stay on my record, in regards to reporting to insurance companies.
This appiles to the state of Arkansas
Generally speaking, your driving record resets every 3 years as far as reporting to insurance. However, a DWI may stay...
Was arrested for DUI in October 2015, it's January 2017 and no verdict from the judge.
In October 2015, I was arrested for DUI, refusal (even though I blew in the machine 3 times), careless driving and driving on a suspended license, even though I had court papers saying my ticket was paid in full the court never released my license. The first two times I went to court, the state asked for a continuance because the arresting officer was not present and the second was because the witness did not show up. I had provided documents that my license was good and that I was not under the influence of alcohol, I was sleep driving due to a medication. The judge accepted the documents I presented and stated that he would render a decision with in a few days and that was in August of 2016. How long do I have before my lawyer can file a motion to dismiss?
If I were your lawyer, and the defense has never asked for a reset or a continuance, I would file a motion to dismiss...
My probation officer failed to drug test me 15 days after my release but not only he drug test me my second day out of jail
I am on a class D felony probation for theft by receiving under $500 in the state of Arkansas
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Can I plead guilty to do a DUI before the court date?
I was charged with a DUI in Arkansas. Arkansas law states that even as a minor if I blow over a .08, I should be charged with a DWI instead. I'm not sure why I was charged with a DUI, since I blew a .13. Would I be able to plead guilty to the DUI before the court date? A DUI in Arkansas bears a lot less consequences than a DWI.
No, you probably cannot plead prior to the court date. You should get a local criminal defense attorney before you try...
Traveling to India while DWI case in trail period.
Hi, I got DWI in Arkhansas in September.I didn't take any alcohol or drugs when police officer arrested me on DWI, My case is in trail period, the court date on February 7th. I am planning to travel to India feb 24th and I have valid H1B visa stamping on my passport, Does this effect while coming back to US port of entry, Appreciate your help!!
If you have a company immigration attorney, these questions should be directed to your immigration attorney. Your...