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How do I go about this scenario? I have no driving record on me and I blew .1 when leagal is .08
I got booked and released in 45 min tonight for my first DUI offense. What should I expect? Also, on the citation I was given, he has all of the information completely wrong. It's not even my name on the citation! It was the person picking me up that was listed. Is that even right? I just don't know what to expect.
Blowing .1 is above the legal limit. Or did you mean .01?. You go about this scenario by hiring a dui attorney in your...
How long will he be expected to lose his license?
My son was pulled over yesterday and the only thing he's is being charged with is "underage drinking and driving" He is 17 years old and this is his first offense.
Normally that is a 30-day revocation upon conviction. There are ways to potentially avoid an alcohol-related...
My 18 yr old son got an underage drinking ticket. should he plead guilty or not guilty at his court appearance
being his only blemish on his record, he would like to eventually get this off his record. he was with a group from school and had just a small amount of alcohol when he was tested
I would typically not recommend pleading guilty. Depends on the particulars though. You would do your son a valuable...
Can I get fired if I got a pass DWI and my employer already knew about it. Also I told him on my own free will
I was arrested for a DWI and not convicted yet, so I have been employed with a job for a couple months, which they didnt asked no past convictions on the application and I even told him I got a DWI do to hire and got into a car accident. So I have court the other day and he pulls me into his office to ask about my personal life...than he threatens me and says I'm fired cause I got a DWI. Which is total discrimination when he was aware of my situation already. Now he acts like I never told him which I told him on my own free will, it never asked of any short of felony or misdemeanor on the application. So my question is does he have the right to fire me because of this?
I think the short answer is yes. Most employers can fire you for no reason, or any reason so long as it is no a...
Will my plates be impounded and will I have to get whiskey plates in Minnesota?
I received a DUI in South Dakota where my license is and my vehicle is registered. I was going to school in Minnesota, but I have graduated and have a job in Minnesota. My license was revoked in South Dakota and they my lawyer said I need to just get a Minnesota license now (after it is done being revoked). I blew over .16 so according to Minnesota law I would need whiskey plates. Will I have to face more consequences like whiskey plates when I go to get my Minnesota license?
No -as long as you satisfied all the reinstatement requirements in SD you are able to get a MN driver's license and...
Pressing charges for trespass & underage drinking
We recently learned my 18 y/o stepchild threw a party in our basement while we were on vacation. This is the second time this has happened. Alcohol was consumed, and we have photographic proof of both the party and the presence of alcohol. Stepchild has the code to enter our garage, but was not given permission to throw the party and certainly was not given permission to bring and/or consume alcohol in our house. We are considering pressing trespassing or B&E charges and also informing law enforcement of the underage drinking. Would charges stick even though stepchild knew the code to the garage? What about underage drinking? We only have one picture of someone holding alcohol, and that person may or may not be "of age."
I suggest to you that your problems extend beyond that of a decision of whether or not to contact law enforcement in...
Can I get an underage drinking citation taken off of my record? (As soon as possible)
I was at a party on homecoming weekend, and the party was busted. There were a few people who were over 21, but they breathalyzed everyone and handed out citations. I need to keep my record clean, and was wondering if there is a class in Mankato I can take to get this off of my record, or if I should go talk to a hearing officer about it, or if I should try to get my record expunged myself? This is my first offense, and my record is otherwise clean. My citation gives me a phone number and website where I can pay the fine, however it has not yet been added to the website so I don't know how much the fine is. I may go down to the Blue Earth County Courthouse this weekend and see how they can help me. Any advice please?
I would first suggest contacting some attorneys in Blue Earth County who are familiar with the court's (and prosecutor'...