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Can i obtain my Nevada id, if i have a dui warrant in california?
I have a dui warrant out of california, that i haven't taken care of. I currently reside in Las Vegas, Nevada and need to obtain id here, in order to get assistance. Will i be arrested when i go to obtain my nevada id
I would consult with a criminal defense lawyer who handles tickets so you know how to proceed. Good luck!
What type of test is given to determine drug use at court?
I am being accused of domestic battery against my 20 year old daughter. She is not only cooperating with the city attorney, (Henderson NV) she went to trial and added that I am on drugs. First she said crack, then she changed it to pills and meth. I refused their deal and so it is going to trial in Judge Steven's court room. What type of test is given? Will I have the results back right away? Also, this case is not a drug case. I was not arrested or chrged with anything drug related. Can they just throw new charges at me without any evidence?
You really should not post information on the case here on an open site. You should consult with an experienced...
What are my rights for a false positive for cocaine? Do I have a right to retake the test at a different place?
I'm a 22 year old girl who has never ever touched or even seen cocaine in real life, nor would I ever ingest it in my body. I've never done any illicit drugs in my life! The company that did my drug test seem to have a history of false positives as seen on their reviews and their the company that is directly connected to the Boston hair testing lawsuit. This drug test is for my dream job that I got offered and I've already quit my previous job. I feel stuck!
You don't have a right to a new test, but you should go to your employer and explain this to them and ask for a test...
Why did the the court reschedule my dui case??
I went in today and the court told me to come back in September they gave me a new date whys this
Too many cases and understaffed? Witness not available?
How would my husband go about getting his dui cleared in California now that we live in Nevada?
Dui was in 2011 and court ordered him to a 9 month program at his last court date in 2013 because he's a multiple offender. But we moved to Henderson NV.
You would need to consult with a criminal defense attorney who is licensed in Nevada and California or, consult with a...
What do i do if i have a daca and have a dui and my case is close
My daca is up for renewable
I would contact an immigration attorney sooner than later to discuss your case.
Does an informational book about drugs qualify as paraphernalia?
I am currently in a situation where if police searched my home and found paraphernalia, it wouldn't be good.
Books are not "paraphernalia"... unless, of course, the book is being used to encase or conceal contraband and trace...