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Can you be banned from a plasma center because of tattoos?
My friend told me today when he went to a plasma center to donate plasma that they gave him a hard time because he has tattoos on his body that were never registered. Mind you, some of those tattoos range back over 10 years and they want "proof" of the tattoos by tomorrow or they will "ban him from every plasma center". Now, I understand them getting skeptical about the tattoos but they tested him and everything was clean, so why go through all this trouble of threatening to ban someone over old tattoos?
You asked this question in the criminal defense forum. What does it possibly have to do with defending a person charged...
Green card application with a DUI?
I am originally from Venezuela. I currently live in Florida. Arrived to the US in 2014 and applied for political asylum in December 2014. No call to interview so far. In September 2016 I was selected in the diversity lottery program for 2018. I have currently all my documents ready to be submitted but unfortunately was recently involved in a DUI (first offense) with no accident associated to the event and no third parties affected either. I was officially adjudicated guilty with a 12 months probation. No jail.... I need orientation how to submit my case and how to manage the DUI situation.
First, you must disclose the arrest, details, including the outcome of the case on the appropriate forms or interview,...
Can a trial judge accept a no contest plea to a lesser included charge for a DUI of 0.15 or above?
I was reading Fla. Stat. ยง 316.656 (2017) 2a, in which it says that no trial judge may accept a guilty plea for a DUI of 0.15 or higher. I have two issues with this. If I am not reading it incorrectly, it only applies to manslaughter or vehicular homicide (there was no physical or property damage). Secondly, a lawyer that I usually use stated that it didn't preclude judges from accepting "no contest" pleas, or if the prosecutor will charge lower, from accepting guilty as charged. Is the difference between "guilty" and "no contest" really enough to obviate that section, or does that section even apply to me at all since there was no manslaughter or vehicular homicide?
Judges can, but are not required to, accept no contest pleas to DUI or DUI over .15. I've seen it hundreds of times.
Does a satisfaction of judgement release me from ALL of the conditions of my judgement from a wreckless driving case?
In 2011 I got a DUI reduced to wreckless driving, with the help of an attorney, in Volusia County FL and a driving on a suspended license in 2012 in Seminole county . I satisfied all of the judgement against me except the interlock. At the time there were no units physically available to install. In August of 2012 I received a Satisfaction of Judgement from both Seminole and Volusia counties. Shortly after that I moved to West Virginia and obtain a drivers license there. I recently moved back to Seminole county. I am unable to get a Florida license because of the interlock according to the DMV. They said I must install the interlock for the six months that is stated in the judgement against me. I'm wondering if the Satisfaction of Judgement releases me from the interlock.
No it does not. The satisfaction of judgment kept you from having your probation violated for not having the interlock...
What can I do if I feel I have been poorly represented by my criminal defense attorney?
I have been going through a DUI case for approximately 6 months. I hired my attorney soon after my arrest, it has been a nightmare since. No communication, feeling that I was not a priority as I paid all money up front, never even met him till I had to appear in court yesterday for a plea, I changed my mind to not plea deal because I don't think I have gotten fair representation. I asked on 2 occasions for my case including police report, and body cam videos be sent to me and they never were. I also feel that they were trying to get me to plea as they were tired of fighting.
As I understand your post, you agreed to enter a plea but changed your mind yesterday due to dissatisfaction with your...
I failed my urine screening during a Dcf investigation, i went to quest the same day and passed the urine test
What are my rights now? I am on a prescription drug, wellbrutran, that is proven to cause false positives for morphine and pcp. I failed the urine test with Dcf, and went straight to quest to have it retaken as i knew I could back up any descrepanies the lab. All results came back negative. I am wondering what will happen now? Will they force me to retest? What drug testing techniques are they allowed to do (hair folicile, urine), and to what extent is it considered harassment on me? I feel like the Dcf investigator is favoring the father, and I just want to be prepared.
Who got the dui? DCF cases are civil in nature, not criminal. It seems to me that you need to get an attorney on your...
What does this mean DWLS 2ND OFF VOP- BROWARD CO- TRAFF ILL DURGS 4-U/14 GRAMS *WARRANTLESS* 0.00 I guess that means no bond
My husband was fueling up the company truck like every morning he works for pools in Oviedo which we moved to Seminole after he was placed on community control he is almost done March 20 and he was coming out the store and there was a officer . He began fueling and did not realize that the trailer's tag fell off so the officer approached him and asked him about it he explain that the shop was right down the street well the cop asked him for his license and ran it and it is suspended but he has an order from a judge in Broward from his original judge stating license for business or employment purposes he has the order which is the pink paper order from the judge he did not get the license yet they still took him in and arrest him and those are the charges he has why doesn't he have a bond for the DWLS and what does the warrantless mean? And what happens now?
Driving while license suspended, second offense violation of probation Broward County, trafficking in illegal drugs...