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Do I need to get whiskey plates or are my plates fine
I got a DWI I have to have it ignition interlock for 2 years my plates did not get impounded do I need to get whiskey plates they didn't give them to me at the DMV
Not sure what "got a DWI" means in terms of where you are in the process. Speak to a lawyer ASAP. Normally yes you...
DWI reduced to careless driving if I do not contest license revocation. Should I accept this offer or continue fighting case?
Pulled over for DWI but the video contradicts the officers report and no reason for the PBT. Talking to my lawyer I guess up to the judge to convict or dismiss the case but the attorney offered a plea which was lower than the original conviction. I'm confused why they do not want me to contest the license revocation. Should I take the offer or not.
If you fail to contest the revocation, it will become final, and can be used in the future to make another DWI more...
DWI/DUI Minnesota
received a dwi a couple of days ago called in no court date yet they dont have me on their schedule yet...blew a .14 at station and i had my kids in the car....i have to get whiskey plates and licensed revoked for 90 days..... what are my chances of winning anything if i hire a lawyer for $3, quoted me over $10,000.should i just plea....i haven't had a dwi for more than 10 years ...i work and have school and kids i can't stop driving....what should i expect for jail time if any...fines?
You have options for attempting to get a limited license if necessary (when isn't it necessary). You should continue to...
Can I work as a taxi driver if my DWI is expunged ?
The court in Minnesota has recently granted my petition for expungement of my very old DWI conviction. I am also aware that I will need to wait 60 days after the grant. However, I would like to know if I will be able to work for Uber ( taxi driver) after file is sealed ?!
That's going to be an internal matter for Uber to decide.
MN Statue of Limitations for drug charges
My boyfriend & I were in the seizure of 1/4 pound of marijuana and 1 ounce of mushrooms in Minnesota. This was over 3 years ago. Searched, questioned, listed as "suspects", but never formally charged. We are wondering what the statue of limitation is for these offenses.
In Minnesota, the statute of limitations within which a prosecutor must charge an individual for a drug crime along the...
Jail treament dui
i was mistaken with another inmate while in jail for DUI and i had to strip naked and wear the orange jumpsuit, they realized the mistake before putting me in the holding cell and i had to changed back into my regular clothes is that something i can sue on.....i was release in 4 hours
Based on your story, I don't believe you have any case. Why would you think you did? Do yourself a favor and worry...
How will Minnesota DPS/Interlock Unit handle my out of state license
I was convicted of my 3rd DUI in Sept 14' from my DUI in December of 2013. I have moved down to Texas before conviction and obtained a TX DL, which has remained valid after my MN DL was cancelled. I just sent in all my paperwork to MN DPS to enroll in the interlock program and limited license. With me being in Texas and having a current valid TX license, will Minnesota DPS reach out to TX DPS now and let them know I am not valid in MN and will they be able to enforce the limited license and "b-card" here in Texas. If they do, how long will it take to get my limited license in MN approved so I can drive in Texas legally if TX suspends my license until its cleared up? I hope this makes sense
You should check the status of your TX DL license, often. It may take some time, but eventually TX will probably become...