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DWI reduced to careless driving if I do not contest license revocation. Should I accept this offer or continue fighting case?
Pulled over for DWI but the video contradicts the officers report and no reason for the PBT. Talking to my lawyer I guess up to the judge to convict or dismiss the case but the attorney offered a plea which was lower than the original conviction. I'm confused why they do not want me to contest the license revocation. Should I take the offer or not.
If you fail to contest the revocation, it will become final, and can be used in the future to make another DWI more...
Tailgated by a police officer and it resulting in their probable cause for dwi arrest; unlawful restraint?
Cars are considered deadly weapons when fleeing (been a violent crime for a few years now). So, if an officer induced a driving error by following much to closely for a mile, could an unlawful restraint defense work? You can't speed up (you're going the speed limit), you can't slow down (you'd cause a collision), and you're terrified because if you have to make a defensive maneuver you'll likely also cause a collision. Thoughts?
Is this a hypothetical? It's unclear from your question whether something happened to you or not. Either way, the...
Charged with refusal to take breathalyzer in minnesota. How can I avoid losing my driving privilege for a year?
Pulled into the driveway and two police cars turned on blue lights. They said a 911 call came in saying I was driving erratically on interstate. Failed field test, taken in and tried to take breathalyzer. Unfortunately, I couldn't blow hard enough to get the thing to work. So, I was charged with refusal to take test and the paperwork says I'm going to lose my license for a year. What can I do?
You should consult with an experienced DWI attorney without delay to preserve your rights and challenge your 1 year...
Can I be terminated for being drunk at a conference away from my company?
I have a drinking problem. Was away from office with subordinates and peers at a a conference, drank heavily. Nothing serious happened. When I returned to the office I informed my boss upon her return from a vacation of what had happened and informed her I was taking a leave to see help. Can I be terminated upon my return. I am now on FMLA and will be on intermittent upon my return to continue treatment.
You need to speak to a local experienced employment attorney, not a DUI defense attorney. I will try to redirect this...
WI to MN Jail Time Transfer. I am being sentenced for misdemeanor 3rd DUI next Thursday. The DA has agreed to 45 days in jail
w/no probation and that the jail time could be transferred to Minnesota & electronic monitoring could be used because I work from home. The interstate transfer office in Minnesota says they need to see a transfer order from Wisconsin in there system for they'll take me. The Wi jail (St Croix County) says it could take time? before I get transferred to Minnesota. This is not what I thought was agreed upon, I.e. I was under the impression via my attorney that I would spend one night in jail in Hudson and then be transferred to Hennepin County where I would receive the bracelet. I am waiting for a call back from my attorney as I am very worried. Can the judge enforce that I be moved the next day? My attorney wanted me to do the leg work on this transfer initially. Advice/help please!
As you have an attorney the respondents here can not provide answers. Hopefully your attorney has since contacted you...
I pled guilty to gross misdemeanor DWI in MN and completed all but 1 probation condition resulting in a warrant. How to resolve?
I was arrested in October 2012, with court sentencing in May 2013 that stipulated: 10 days of STS (community service) in lieu of both jail time (180 days) and a fine ($375); 2 years of probation free of any criminal trouble including basic traffic violations; suspension of driver's license for one year. I successfully abided by all but the STS, completing only a partial amount. A warrant was placed for my arrest yet I no longer reside in MN. I'd like to both resolve this, and get a license in WI. How is this possible?
Contact an attorney in MN to assist you with the warrant and the STS conditions. Better to take care of it now and be...
If I obtained a DUI in another state but my current state license is Valid. Can state where DUI happened ticket for DWR?
I obtained a DUI charge in MN in 02/2015 . My residence is in FL where my license is held. Im still going through process of court on this. My FL license still reads valid. Can a MN law enforcement officer site me for Driving while revoked if FL still lists my license as valid.
If you are driving in Minnesota and Minnesota has suspended your ability to drive in Minnesota due to the DUI arrest,...