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DWI reduced to careless driving if I do not contest license revocation. Should I accept this offer or continue fighting case?
Pulled over for DWI but the video contradicts the officers report and no reason for the PBT. Talking to my lawyer I guess up to the judge to convict or dismiss the case but the attorney offered a plea which was lower than the original conviction. I'm confused why they do not want me to contest the license revocation. Should I take the offer or not.
If you fail to contest the revocation, it will become final, and can be used in the future to make another DWI more...
I pled guilty to gross misdemeanor DWI in MN and completed all but 1 probation condition resulting in a warrant. How to resolve?
I was arrested in October 2012, with court sentencing in May 2013 that stipulated: 10 days of STS (community service) in lieu of both jail time (180 days) and a fine ($375); 2 years of probation free of any criminal trouble including basic traffic violations; suspension of driver's license for one year. I successfully abided by all but the STS, completing only a partial amount. A warrant was placed for my arrest yet I no longer reside in MN. I'd like to both resolve this, and get a license in WI. How is this possible?
Contact an attorney in MN to assist you with the warrant and the STS conditions. Better to take care of it now and be...
Hi I am on a home breathalyzer I have passed all of my UA;s and Alcohol tests and I missed one today will I get violated?
I am on a conditional release from jail I am supposed to take 3 alcohol test on my home breathalyzer and check in once a week. I missed my afternoon test due to a job I called my worker beforehand to let her know, that I may not make it in time, but she was not sympathetic at all I still have my evening test to perform and I am more than positive I will pass because I have been alcohol free. Will I still get violated for missing this one test.
Whether the probation officer files a violation report is in his/her discretion. It is possible, but would seem...
If I obtained a DUI in another state but my current state license is Valid. Can state where DUI happened ticket for DWR?
I obtained a DUI charge in MN in 02/2015 . My residence is in FL where my license is held. Im still going through process of court on this. My FL license still reads valid. Can a MN law enforcement officer site me for Driving while revoked if FL still lists my license as valid.
If you are driving in Minnesota and Minnesota has suspended your ability to drive in Minnesota due to the DUI arrest,...
Pa.courts .mn.state vs BCA
As I was looking at my background study the states my charge as a convicted felony and the bca states gross misdermeanor not sure which one to believe trying to find employment
Consult with an attorney directly on this. We can't be helpful unless we're looking at the same records that you are....
If my DUI from dec 2008 had been dropped to careless, any way to get expunged from my DMV record so I can get a driving job?
I have been trying to partner with Uber in Minneapolis and the background check with the DMV red flags me and until expungement I can not get a job with them. Is this even worth pursuing? DUI in 2008 has been dropped to a careless. Thank you for any help!
This is a fact specific question, but the answer is likely yes. For the most accurate advice, you should talk to a...
Not on jail roster
My boyfriend was arrested almost two days ago for a third level DUI. He still has not been to court for his release or bail. I've called the jail and they won't tell me anything except that he is still in custody. I've looked at the online jail roster and his name doesn't even pull up with what he's being charged with or when his court date is. If he is in custody then why can't I find him on the online jail roster when its almost been two days since he's been arrested?
What is your BF's name? I can try and look him up for you.