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Will Jefferson county courts grant me early termination if I have finished all the requirements before the time implied ?
DUI 1 failed UA all other requirements were met before time given to finish.
Possibly yes, possibly no. Depends on the Bench officer
How do I file an appeal on a felony dui conviction
Officer testified she never offered me a breath test...
Please try your question again in the "criminal defense" and "DUI" sections of this AVVO service
I was just arrested for the 3rd DUI in 12 years. I have a young child. Will I receive jail time?
I was arrested for DUI. This is my third DUI with the first being in Colorado 12 years ago. The second DUI was in California with the 3rd in Jefferson County. I had a minor accident with no injuries. I refused testing. I am a stay at home mom to a two year old. How will I be treated by the courts?
Yes there is mandatory jail time on a 3rd DUI. Since you refused testing, their case might not be 100% solid, so part...
I was charged with a DUI (12 points) a few months ago and got a speeding ticket, what do I face.
I got pulled over in November 2014 for a DUI. I got all my charges official in April 2015. I was charged with a 12 point DUI. I got caught going 72 in a 65 by a speed trap on 6th avenue. long story, the officer could have given me some other ticket because right after he initially caught me the speed dropped down to 55 then 45. but he said he would give me a break and write me a 4 point speeding ticket for 9-19 over instead of the 6 point going 72 in a 45. complicated situation. Now I have a 4 point ticket to pay and get reduced to a 2 point defaulty vehicle or go to court. I am extremely scared to lose my licence if i get points. what is going to happen? i am willing to fight and take classes to get a 0 point. insurance rates scare me but im more worries about the license status.
What you need to do is hit the attorney button and speak to attorneys located in and around Golden Colorado. Sit with...
Second DUI, probation revoked after 1.5 years and given 10 months work release. What is the likelihood of a reconsideration?
My fiance just had his probation revoked and much to our and our lawyer's surprise, he was sentenced to 10 months in jail with work release. He had already served two months in jail related to the offense. This seems especially harsh considering that he has completed all the terms of his probation including the payment of all fines (probation was revoked for repeat failed UAs for marijuana, and a small handful for alcohol). Is this an unusually harsh sentence and how likely is it that a reconsideration would be successful?
Unfortunately, he did an excellent job of proving to this Judge that he is an obstinate, unrepenitant substance abuser...
Get some form of restricted license or ability to operate a motor vehicle in the state of CO, if my license is suspended in MO?
License is suspended in Missouri for 5 years, 2 years I can get a restricted license, called a "hardship" license. Been 2 years since my last DWI and 5 years between the other. Can I get a restricted or probationary license in CO? Have heard from different lawyers that say yes you can. Others have said No you cannot, until you handle the situation is Missouri. Could I please get some clarification on what I need or should be doing?
The correct answer is maybe. What I mean by this, is that if you become a CO resident and apply for a DL, you will be...
How can the state convict someone of a crime with absolutely no evidence other than an officer's testimony?
I was charged with DUI/DUI per se for drinking a beer inside of my parked car. We had our doors open for airflow with our legs sticking out and my keys were in my pocket. The officer, who rode up to the side of my car on a bicycle, wrote in his police report that I had the keys in the ignition. He flat out LIED! This officer was a complete jerk from the beginning of the ordeal. They cuffed me, didn't read Miranda rights to me, and took back to the police station where I blew a 0.105 BAC. My friend (and witness) who was in the car with me when this happened wrote a statement re-emphasizing that the keys were NOT in the ignition. How can they convict me of a DUI if it's mine and my friend's word against a cop's word?
Simply put, because the jury gets to assess the credibility of any witness and they believed the officer over you and...