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How can I be disqualified for a dirty urine when no specimen was taken?
just appealed an allegation for dirty urine drop, when not test was done...
This sounds like errors in chain of custody documents.
Can I drive in Illinois with my IL Licence if I got a DWI in MO and they suspended my licence in MO?
I Live in IL and got a DWI in MO. MO dept of rev suspended my license for 30 days and 60 days after that restricted. Am I legal to drive in IL? They make this all so confusing to understand
Too many variables. Get a copy of your court purposes abstract and take it to a good traffic lawyer. Also, it sounds...
Will I loose my pharmacy tech license for a Dui conviction?
I am charged with dui working as a pharmacy tech
I recommend speaking with the criminal attorney handling your DUI. They can give you more information about the nature...
Can dcfs remove my kids from my custody for failing a drug test for meth?
I got a random drug test today and I'm going to fail for meth
You are asking the question on a DUI forum. I would suggest you pose the question on a forum dealing with custody issues.
What happens to my license if i get pulled over in Illinois on a 60 probation?
I was driving on Illinois 40 and a officer pulled me over driving 69-45 I have currently a 60 day probation
If this is a third moving violation within a 24 month time period, there may be consequences to your license, But you...
Can I sue the hospital for telling my child that they suspected I was drunk. This upset my son terribly.
My son was to be released from a mental hospital. I met with the doctor and he accused me of being intoxicated. I was detained until the police arrived in a small room. The doctor told my 16 year old son that he may not get released because I was intoxicated. This made him upset. The police arrived and I was given the all clear. In police report it states I didnt appear intoxicared or smell of alcohol.
While this incident may have been upsetting and offensive, I don't think you would be able to prove any damages.
How should i explain this violation to the state of IL?
This was the first violation i have ever had. I had used mouthwash before that and thought there was enough time but i guess not. It registered .052(the detail report showed 3 .052 readings at the exact same time, which i thought was wierd too, but only shows 1 violation on the letter.) Because i was needing to get to work though, i had my roomate go ahead and drive my car and me to work so that i would not be late and pick me up later.
You can explain this once - and probably only once, The mouthwash excuse is really common. Purchase alcohol free...