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DUI , I should plead not guilty. should I ask for a jury trial and legal council. I am mentally disabled
will my disability work against me. I am a very capable driver but failed the FST because of vertigo and a physical problem with my back which my physician has written a letter to the judge to be considered.
With these facts that you offer up, you owe it to yourself to consult with an attorney.... your attorney,,,, who is...
Son pleading guilty to DUI. Getting treatment out of town. Just got letter he appears in court 8AM tomorrow. It's 8PM day b4.
Son is getting treatment three hours away. He cannot get back in town for court tomorrow morning. What can we do?
Your son needs to hire a lawyer. He can find one here on avvo by clicking on find a lawyer.
I got my first DUI
I didn't take the breathalyzer test but I told the officer that I had a couple drinks
What is your specific question? Most lawyers on here need info
Transferring adsap to PA?
I've been convicted of a DUI in Sc. I'm moving to PA next week and I do not plan on coming back. Can I have the classes transferred?
You may be able to but you need to contact a South Carolina ADSAP representative before you move to make sure there is...
Can I get the state to pay my legal fees if I win my DUI case?
If a jury agrees that the arresting officer failed to follow NHTSA and SLED DUI breathalyzer procedures and finds me not guilty, can I get the state to pay my attorney fees? If found guilty, can I appeal and hire another attorney?
Being found not guilty is an insufficient basis for your legal fees to be compensated by the State. America is a...
If you are in prosses of deportain will the stop it? Even if it your first time dui
Will the new Law stop them from deporting him he has to go back to his 3rd immigration court in june it was his first dui and he has never been in any trouble in the past he has been here 10 years but when they took him he had only 9 years.
You need to speak with an immigration attorney. This is not a DUI question. I have changed the practice area for you...
Can a SC DUS 2nd Offense Be Overturned?
On 5/26/02 my husband was charged with DUS 1st offense. Two years to the exact day 5/26/04, he was charged DUS 2nd offense. SC law states that the DUS drops 2 yrs after the offense and not the conviction. It cost us almost $2000. Should he have been charged DUS 1st? He was told that even though it says offense, it meant conviction. I didn't buy it and it has bothered me since. I felt that they used the fact that he had no attorney to get a guilty plea. The judge actually stated that people who paid their fines a didn't come to court did so because they were guilty. He was accused if not showing up for his 1st court date which was not true. His letter said 10:30 am. The arresting officer said even though the letter said 10:30 am, he needed to show up at 8:30 am. How was he to know?
He needs to consult with a local defense attorney.