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DUI , I should plead not guilty. should I ask for a jury trial and legal council. I am mentally disabled
will my disability work against me. I am a very capable driver but failed the FST because of vertigo and a physical problem with my back which my physician has written a letter to the judge to be considered.
With these facts that you offer up, you owe it to yourself to consult with an attorney.... your attorney,,,, who is...
Son pleading guilty to DUI. Getting treatment out of town. Just got letter he appears in court 8AM tomorrow. It's 8PM day b4.
Son is getting treatment three hours away. He cannot get back in town for court tomorrow morning. What can we do?
Your son needs to hire a lawyer. He can find one here on avvo by clicking on find a lawyer.
I got my first DUI
I didn't take the breathalyzer test but I told the officer that I had a couple drinks
What is your specific question? Most lawyers on here need info
If a person is on probation. And is accused of weapon possession, by the testimony of a intoxicated person. Should he go trial?
This person has prior DUI, driving w/open container, larceny.
The tesimony of the intoxicated person would certainly be suspect and ripe for vigorous cross-examination. The...
Transferring adsap to PA?
I've been convicted of a DUI in Sc. I'm moving to PA next week and I do not plan on coming back. Can I have the classes transferred?
You may be able to but you need to contact a South Carolina ADSAP representative before you move to make sure there is...
Can I get the state to pay my legal fees if I win my DUI case?
If a jury agrees that the arresting officer failed to follow NHTSA and SLED DUI breathalyzer procedures and finds me not guilty, can I get the state to pay my attorney fees? If found guilty, can I appeal and hire another attorney?
Being found not guilty is an insufficient basis for your legal fees to be compensated by the State. America is a...
Arrested in dui post accident in New york, sc drivers license, I am diabetic and was knocked out by air bags hit a fire hydrant.
my diabetes caused ketoacidosis the police did not accept that, I have two priors in SC over 5 years ago, and now am on meds for diabetes type 2, i have neuropathy in hands and feet which causes numbness and pain. my blood reading was .269 and my blood sugar 426 or so I did not drink that evening, but am being charged. they offered me a A misdemeanor so long as SC imposes probation and ADSAP, I was not drunk but suffered a concusion from the air bags. this is not fair or correct but i dont have 5000 for a lawyer either, I am a combat vet, full time student and 100% disabled with cancer.
Sorry to hear that you're going through all of this. Not all attorneys charge $5000. I suggest calling a few locally...