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In sentenceing for an O.W.I
Sentenceing for an o.w.I in Wisconsin how far is the court able to go back and use an old o.w.i aginst me? From what I have heard and read is 10 years. So saying for example if I had one in 1999 and 2001 then never got another one tell 2014 in sentencing they are not able to use those 2 aginst me ? Also if I could have the law , statue or code that states that would be appreciated. Also I would like real answers not lawyers that are part of the court system. Ones That actually fight for your rights and not try to make it off Plea deals thank you
The current rule is two in ten years, three or more lifetime. To use your example, once you had convictions in 1999 and...
I am a WI Resident, and lost my driving privelages in MN due to a DUI. What do I need to do to regain privelages in MN?
I got 2 DUIs this year in MN, but I'm a WI resident. I travel to MN daily, but not necesarrily for work. Mostly for family who lives there to visit and such. What am I required to do in order to get privelages back to drive in MN
You will need to satisfy all reinstatement requirements with MN. Contact the MN DPS to verify what those requirements are.
How do I get my blood alcohol test results before my initial appearance from the DA's office?
Criminal Case
If the test to determine the level of alcohol in your blood was by analyzing a sample of your blood, then you are...
How do I get my blood alcohol test results before my initial appearance from the DA's office?
Criminal Case
That's probably not going to happen. First, depending upon the facts of the case, the blood results may not even be...
I recently got my first dwi in Mn and have a Wi license.
Do I have to wait tell the state if mn contacts wi to notify them before I can re apply for a wi license.. And will I have to pay WI reinstatment fee as well as MN?
You should be looking to hire an attorney in Minnesota first and foremost.
If you get a dwi in mn and have a wi license will WI make you get special plates?
Or can you keep your normal wi plates on?
Special plates? I don't know about any law in Wisconsin that requires you to change the license plates on your vehicle...
Does an underage consume ticket reflect as an owi to insurance in Wisconsin?
This person was not driving but has been told it will be considered as an owi for car insurance purposes. Therefore causing a complete domino affect leading all the way to credit worthiness, this being told to her by her insurance company representative.
Was the person in a car at the time of getting the ticket? In the drivers seat? With the key in the ignition or...