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  • Delco man claims cops Tased his privates

    Wednesday Jul 8 | via 

    A Delaware County man has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that the cops who arrested him for public drunkenness in 2012 were real ball busters because they tased his testicles while he was handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser. In the suit, Kiyean Brown, 30, of Glenolden, claims that the lasting effects of the tase to his testes are driving him nuts, but an attorney for one of the defendant officers says the claim is poppycock and that the officer tased Brown in his thigh, not his gonads.


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Will the prosecutor verify my insurance for a DUI?
I had proof of insurance at the time of my arrest for a DUI involving an accident with no injuries. However I found out afterward my husband had not paid and the insurance had lapsed. Will they find this out and can they then charge me for that?
The MVD will find out generally the court will not.
How will a California interlock device restriction affect my ability to get a driver's license in Pennsylvania?
I was convicted of a first time DUI in Los Angeles county four year ago (June 2011). I completed all terms of my conviction except for the interlock device restriction, because I did not own a car, so was exempted. I am now living in Pennsylvania and would like to apply for a driver's license, but when I obtained my CA Driver History report, the interlock device restriction is still present. Therefore, I assume that if I apply for a license in PA, it won't be granted. My main question is: how do I fulfill my CA IID restriction while living out of state? Can I have the device installed here in PA and then submit proof to CA, or must I own the car in California? Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
I don't know with certainty about California but I have seen this situation with states closer to PA. They were able to...
Will they check for other substances besides alcohol in a BAC test?
I was arrested for DUI after I failed the Breathalyzer test and agreed to the blood BAC test. Will they automatically look for other substances in the blood or just the alcohol content?
Yes. They will look for prescription drugs and illegal drugs.
Must a physician in Pennsylvania report a DUI arrest (without conviction) to the State Medical Board? Employer?
An arrest for DWI occurred and has not yet gone to trial. There may be a chance at avoiding conviction entirely. Is reporting of the arrest mandatory to the PA Medical Board? Must this be disclosed the employer if asked?
With all due respect, you need to be asking your attorney these questions. He or she will know your situation first-...
About 3 and a half years ago I got into a car crash with a drunk driver into a tree and 3 months after then I became really sick
I decided not to sue because I thought it my friend would lose his house too young to know he had insurance but now about 1 year and 10 months ago I became exhausted all day long does that renew the 2 year statute of limitation?
Based upon the facts you provided, the Statute of Limitations would begin to run on the date of the auto accident,...
My husband served 2 yrs for dui 2005-2007. He's now serving 30 days in jail for dui . Is there a statue of limitations on dui
He had too much to drink after 8 years of sobriety. He didn't feel as though he'd had too much to drink after not drinking for so long. Will he now be penalized for his past mistakes, he learned a lesson after serving 2 yrs of his life. He's 51 yrs old and believe me he's learned his lesson.
Whats confusing from your question is whether he in jail on a new DUI. Statute of limitations apply to new charges...
Dui conviction vs Dui (Ard Disposition)
I have a dui controlled substance charge. I likely qualify for ard because I have no prior misdeameanor or felony convictions. While on ard, I have to wait a year to get it expunged from my record. I have a bachelor's degree and I am driving myself crazy thinking how this charge mat affect me finding a decent job for the time being. I know ultimately every employer is different but I feel it would be more acceptable if it was a simple alcohol dui but no legit company wants a druggie even if it's not a conviction but a ard disposition. Am I thinking too much into this a shot just apply for jobs because at the end of the day it's not a conviction (and never will be) and jobs only care about convictions? Or is this something I should genuinely be concern ed about? Or is this
Employers care more about JUST a conviction, they care about a course of conduct. Thus, even it's imperative you do...