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How long does a 3rd DUI stay on record for all to see ,like on a job application?
I had gotten my 3rd DUI about 8 years ago and am wanting to switch careers ,and need to know how much this will hinder my choice.
In my own state, it would stay on your record forever. I suspect your state is the same unless a court removes it...
Can a deferred judgement for a DUI prevent me from obtaining a driving position?
I received a deferred judgement in 2013 for a DUI. I have completed all of the terms that were requested and it does show up as being deferred. I am trying to apply for a position within my company and they're telling me that I cannot have a DUI on my record that is within 3 years to be eligible. The 3 years will be in August of 2016. Since this was deferred and all the terms have been completed can they bar me from this position?
I am not sure if you can obtain the employment you seek; however, I also am confused with your question. When you use...
Should I attempt to reduce sentence?
I got pulled over in novi, MI. For speeding/dwls (1st offense), A few days later I got a owi(3rd). Well when I got sentenced for the 1st offense dwls they gave a recommendation of 2 years of probation and 5 days in jail. Well I tried to plea, and I got 1 year probation, 12 weeks counseling, a black box in my car, Testing on a driving simulator, 50 hours of community service, and I ended up paying $1350 in fines/fees. when I got sentenced for my owi I got into a sobriety court program, that allows me to have a restricted license and extensive probation ( weekly therapy, work program, AA, meetings with judge and probation officer ). My question is... Since I'm doing all of this stuff for my sobriety court, should I try and get my overkill sentence reduced for the DWLS?
Are they in the same District Court? If so, you may have a decent chance of getting the two probations "consolidated,"...
How can I get my drivers license back?
After the 3rd Dui, I did jail time, house arrest & hrs of community service. 10 years later, Michigan is still saying no to reinstating my drivers license. ( I live in Florida now.....)
Contact a driver's license restoration attorney in Michigan. I recommend Attorney John English in Lansing. He handles...
Have you ever heard of probation terms being reduced due to a family member’s illness?
I have been on probation since January for a DUI (first offence). I have to attend AA 3 times a week and I test 4 times a week. My Dad was recently diagnosed with MDS and he requires a bone marrow transplant. He did find a match and has been admitted to the hospital. He will be in the hospital for about 30 days. After that he will require 24/7 care for about 1 month and then his required care will slowly dwindle. I am the only family member that lives in Michigan.
Yes, I've heard of probation terming being reduced or modified due to a family member's illness. Contact the attorney...
Missed rolling retest. Car was parked and I was packing it with gifts and saying bye to family. Major violation, license revoked
I don't drink and have no other violations. I know about 200+ friends family and co-workers that would come to my defense that I don't drink. How do I make sure that this mistake doesn't happen to the people that are trying to make a change and going above and beyond what needs to be done to get their life back. I'm sick of the state taking advantage of people that are doin the right thing and they should not suffer because of the trash that they are compared to. There has to be a better way. I was ready to get my breathalyzer off my vehicle. That week I get in the mail a notice that I had a major violation in December. Now I have to appeal to lift the reinstatement then appeal to get it off. I'm being punished for doing the right thing. Completely ridiculous! Rage!!!
Rage? I doubt your anger will be productive. Perhaps you should contact a local DUI attorney? Best of luck.
If the prosecutor agrees, can I get my license back after losing it for refusing to take a breath test? It was my first refusal
I refused to take a breath test. I was given a piece of paper by the secretary of state but I did not send it in in time to get a hearing on my refusal. My court appointed attorney did a great job on my criminal charges, but was appointed late and was unable to warn me about contesting the refusal until it was to late. The court will not appoint me a attorney to represent me on my refusal and I do not have much money. The prosecutor agreed to stipulate, after speaking with the arresting officer, to allow me to have restricted driving privileges due to it being my first refusal. She suggested I hire an attorney. First, is this even possible? Can the prosecutor stipulate to allow me to have privileges in this situation? Second, is this something I can do myself?
Eventually you'll be able to get your license back. Call DMV and ask them when you're eligible or speak with a local...