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Can a State attorney denied an expungement order granted by a district court Judge ?
Served and completed an 18months probation in a PBJ entered judgment last year. i filed for early expungement because of severe hardship as a result of in ability renew my CNA license which was granted and the state attorney now sent a motion for denial after the judge has granted it. The incident happened in 2013.
If the PBJ was for a DUI, then it was error for the judge to grant the expungement. A PBJ for a DUI cannot be...
MVA hearing compelled Ignition Interlock in May. July trial ruled "Nolle Prosequi." Can MVA reverse their hasty ruling? How?
Stopped by police 12/19/15 for tail light violation. Need restrictions removed to drive employer's vehicle for work.
Probably not. If you were ordered to use the ignition interlock because of a refusal or you blew .15 or above, then the...
Is it possible to fly whit a license that has a u restriction?
My husband an I are trying to fly to Orlando next weekend but his license is restricted for federal purposes. Can he stil fly with that license or what does he need to fly because we already bought the tickets
Based upon the information that you provided in your question, it's difficult to say. You should call the TSA for more...
Can I get up represented by lawyer who knows common law in Maryland to win case before trial, on moving tickets.
I got a DUI but how can I get proper representation as a freeman.
You need to hire an attorney. If you cannot afford private counsel, apply for representation through the Office of the...
Can I be found guilty w/o officer who arrested me present in court?
The officer in my DUI trial is unavailable and the judge denied the state's request for postponement so trial is scheduled for tomorrow. The prosecutor said she will proceed based on a witness and another officer that arrived 1st but didn't do any of the tests etc.
You absolutely can still be found guilty. The State intends to use other evidence to satisfy its burden. You need a...
Can a DUI/DWI be expunged off my driving record in Maryland? I have a PBJ DUI from2010 and a NOLLE PROSEQUI DUI from 2014
I understand that in the state of Maryland, a DUI/DWI cannot be expunged off your criminal or court records. My question is, can it be expunged off your driving record? I have a DUI PBJ from 2010 and I also have a DUI NOLLE PROSEQUI from 2014.
The PBJ cannot be expunged., but the nolle prossequi can assuming all charges were dropped. Maryland law prohibits a...
How do I get a restriction removed from drivers license? I waited the required suspension period, the restriction is still there
License was suspended for 120 days for refusing a breathalyzer. Was offered a restricted license provided I got an Interlock device installed. I had 45 days to get device installed, if not the suspension would still be upheld from the date of hearing. The Order of Modification states that if no device is installed, I have my license suspended for 120 days. If the device was installed, I would have to submit paperwork from Interlock and get a restricted license. I decided not to get device installed and wait the 120 days. Applied for a duplicate license and the restriction is on there without the paperwork stated on the Order of Modification for Suspended License.
You need to go to the MVA with your paperwork to have a license issued without the restriction. Do not drive until you...