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I currently have a WV restricted license with an interlock device. Can I move to Georgia and obtain a restricted license with in
Looking to move to another state
The specific answer will come from the department of motor vehicle, your probation officer if any and or your attorney...
Can the results be used at trail.can the field sobriety test be used at trail
Can a field sobriety test results be used at trail .in the state of wv .no breath or blood was taken at hospital or jail .
Yes, the administration of roadside field sobriety exercises can be presented by the state at trial; however, their...
Can a officer refile a charge as a new one or does it has to be the prosecution. The charge appears with 2 different case #.
I had a DUI charge (the whole case was sketchy). .05 BAC, I was parked. I filed a complaint against the officer and he was exonerated. After almost 9 months the case got demised by the prosecution. Two weeks after, the officer, not the prosecution refiled the charges(no new evidence, he said that I violated a plea deal even though they admint that there was no plea deal). His boss sent me an email with the summons(not served since i live in another state). After i refused to go until i was served, the issued an arrest warrant.
If the case was dismissed then jeopardy had not attached (Double jeopardy means you cant be twice charged with the same...
MD required me to do the 90 day alcohol classes, i live in WV for over 3 years, this was 5 years ago, I cannot get my license WV
I was incarcerated 5 years ago, took the classes in jail, don't have my certification, then took 8 weeks with probation, i have lived in WV since my release (3yrs) WV cannot give me my license and MD won't forgo the requirement? What do i do, can i get an appeal? My license is revoked/suspended until i can get this done. i have done it twice and they won't accept the information (MD DMV)
Call MD DMV. Tell them you no longer reside there and ask them what you need to file to get the hold removed.
Can the charges be refiled if the case was dismissed for a misdemeanor DUI?
I was charged with a DUI on May 2014. Blood test came back .05 and the officer made a lot of mistakes in the report. The prosecutor filed a motion to dismiss and it was signed by the judge on March 2015. I received a phone call from a Sgt which told me that I was summoned and they would refile the charges. He said that I didn't follow the plea deal. A plea was never made or agreed, in fact I was very adamant about not making a deal.
Depends if it was dismissed without prejudice or not. Impossible to tell over the internet. If you would have taken...
Is there any legal restriction on how long an ongoing DUI case can remain open?
My husband was arrested for a DUI on September 18, 2010. Discrimination and harrassment were involved on the officer's part (I was in the car with him, so was a witness). We also have reason to believe the breathalyzer test was faulty/administered incorrectly/recorded innacurately and/or that the officer falsified evidence. Closely following the arrest, the officer was charged with harassment (of someone else, not us) and two counts of child molestation and fled the country with a warrant out for his arrest. (Sounds like a soap opera, right?) Our lawyer told us that now we just have to wait for a court decision in the officer's absence. But it's been over 4 years! How long can a court decision drag out?
Trust your lawyer. If the state takes no action for a period of time, your attorney may be able to get the case...
Four years ago got charged with DUI in Virginia when 18 years old blew .o8 BAC. Last weekend got pulled over in West Virginia
and blew .16 got charged with aggravated DUI. Does this count as my first or second? Can West Virginia take my Virginia license? I live and work in Virginia.
I am re-categorizing this post under DUI/DWI so an experienced DUI attorney can answer your question. Good luck.