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Will I be charged with a third DUI since my first one was Feb 2008 my last one was Nov 11 2017?
I was on medication and pretty sick I hit the curb and Police came I was arrested and brought to the hospital where I stayed for 6 days for bronchitis and asthma. I don't want to do 120 days in jail
Unfortunately your post has been misclassified as medical malpractice. I will switch it to DUI board.
Was charged with a dwi a few years ago in Jefferson county mo. I now live in Ca. How can I be sure all court dmv are satisfied?
This was back in 2011. I also was arrested for having a few different types of pills and meth. I got booked, released and left the state. I now need to get my license back. What should I do?
Did you finish all your requirements in MO? Regarding CA, go down to the DMV and see what they have to say about...
Can i pay bail for a person awaiting sentencing for 2nd dui and possible murder (or less), he's been held since aug 1st ?
person got a dui in college 12 yrs ago and again this year involving an accident in which another man was conviction yet, family cannot afford bail...if paid, can he be released until sentenced?
Consult with a bail bondsman. The case may be "no bail" at this point.
My adult son and I were hit by three times legal limit three time drunk driver. Cars totaled paid for by ins in full
We both got whip lash I got two fractured ribs and bruising I just fired my attorney I literally spoke once in two months to him and the co that sends out the billing said they mailed to him end jan he says never got it so I fired and went and picked up X-rays and bills myself from hospital mines covered by my ins sons is under medical. He never got treatment just two months rest at home i used ice up to 10 times a day and meds my pains gone after two months guys mother owns car has 15/30 now I'm calling her ins today to see what I can get my son it's doubtful he'd get anything right ? We're very traumatized it's scary to be on streets again we flinch a lot and anxious. But anyway what do you think I can get for us both minus attorney he's putting a lien I'm sure but he wouldn't give me desc of his work done so I fired him. And guys cited out its two months da hasn't even received file yet
Without knowing your medical bills this would be absurd speculation. There will also be practical limits based on the...
DUI ATTORNEY? wrecked car, solo accident, fled scene, reports car stolen, gets arrested.
Son panicked and fled the scene leaving his car in a ditch. (HAS ONE DUI OVER 3 YEARS Ago under 21) He then "called" police and reported the vehicle as stolen, not wanting to get a 2nd dui. Compounded huge mess. Got arrested. don't know if he's injured or not. No doubt concussion at the least. What to do to minimize his panicked poor judgement.
Pattern of poor judgement. Only a criminal defense attorney can help minimize the damage--which may on conviction be...
What can I do? I've served a 5 month DUI suspension. Now after conviction I have been re-suspended by the DMV. LA County.
Thank you for taking the time to look at this. I had my license suspended by the DMV following my Feb 2014 DUI arrest. During the 1 month hard suspension, I enrolled in DUI classes, and obtained an SR-22. On May 18th, 2014 after the hard suspension passed, I obtained my restrictive-license and was told the suspension would be effective until Oct 18th, 2014. I was convicted of a DUI on Aug 4th, 2014. Just today I received an Order of Suspension letter. The letter states I must provide proof of an IID, but then a few sections down states "You may immediately apply for a restricted license". My question is, can they re-suspend me? Do I have to serve another 5 months? Can I simply serve the suspension using a restrictive license? Can I get credit for the time I've already served? What do I do?
DMV can suspend your license under two separate procedures: after a DMV administrative hearing (or if you never request...
How do I get suspension removed quicker?
My license was suspended for medical reasons. I had a seizure with loss of consciousness. I have faxed in all necessary paperwork and they are telling me I have to wait 2 weeks. I need my license I have 3 kids I have to take to school.
Realistically, there's probably nothing you can do to speed this up. 2 weeks in DMV time is virtually immediate as far...