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What are my chances of not getting jail time? 3rd DUI!
This is my 3rd DUI I'm doing a 18 month program right now for my second DUI and working on resolving that issue however I just got a 3rd DUI refused to take a breathalyzer test and for whatever odd reason was not issued a blood test there for there is no definitive proof I was intoxicated can I fight this!? I can't go to jail I have 2 year old twins a 5 year old and my wife's pregnant as well they need me to be there for them im the only provider they have. What can I do about this please help .!!!
The smartest thing you can do is hire an experienced DUI attorney who regularly appears in the courthouse at issue....
Can I request an extension for a fine even though I don't have an attorney
I owe about 2,031 dollars for a DUI fine I've completed all my requirements on time breathalyzer and classes and dmv probation I want to know if I can ask for an extension for the fine even though I didn't have a attorney present with me the day of the court
Yes. You can request an extension even without an attorney. I hope this goes well for you.
Willingness of Glendale Prosecutors to plea bargain first time DUI?
I was recently arrested for a DUI in Glendale Ca. This is my first DUI offence. I was initially pulled over for dark tint on my windows. There were no aggravating circumstances (speeding or swerving) and there was no property damage or injuries. I blew a 0.1 during the FST and a 0.9 back at the station. I was very cooperative with the police and I have no prior offenses (criminal or traffic). I was wondering how tough or willing Glendale prosecutors tend to be under these circumstances when plea bargaining a DUI down to a Wet Reckless. I'm trying to be more realistic than optimistic but still looking for hope.
These cases are very winnable and under the right circumstances can be negotiated to something better than a DUI....
I got called back to court for a Dui (B- marijuana) what does this mean and what is going to happen?
I got arrested for dui for the car smelling marijuana. I went to court and my papers weren't filed. 8 months later they are now calling me to court. What does this mean and what are some realistic consequences I might face.
It probably means the DA finally got blood test results back from the crime lab and decided there's enough evidence to...
Can a cop pull me over just because he suspects that I was drinking?
I was at an intersection stopped on a red light. Then a cop pulled to the right of me and put his spotlight my way. I rolled down my window and he claimed he asked me, "How much I drank?" and claimed I answered, "Not that much." He then told me to pull over. The police report stated that he observed me stopping on the #2 lane with no obstruction and followed me. Did not realize stopping in the middle of the street is cause to stop me. I eventually got arrested for DUI
I can see why he stopped you. His report will probably say that you even "looked" intoxicated. Retain an attorney at...
What happens at a DMV reexamination ?
After being arrested for dui-drug, the dmv has sent me a letter to show up to a reexamination. What are some questions they will ask? Will they try to suspend my license?
YES, they will try to suspend your license. In fact, that's what they want to do. Retain counsel who is familiar with...
Can I apply for citizenship with the DWI I got in 2011
My privation time was until jan 2013 and I complete all the clases
That depends. Obtain a certified copy of your criminal record and consult with an experienced immigration attorney. He...