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Can a Driving After Revocation Citation be dismissed?
I received my second driving after revocation citation. The first time i just payed a fine. i am planning to get my license re-instated before my court date. will this lower my fine or can i get my citation dismissed?
In Florida it could. But Judges and prosecutors generally take a dim view of driving on a revoked license that was...
How should I proceed?
I have an omnibus trial for a second degree dui. My brakes went out and I crashed into a building with almost double the limit. How should I proceed?
Generally a good DUI lawyer would look at dozens of different factual points in the case before advising on a strategy....
Can I drive my A.T.V after getting a dwi
I have a b card
In Wisconsin. the answer would be that you could not operate any motor vehicle on a highway as defined by the statutes...
My husband recently was arrested for dwi, his only one in over 20 years after over 15 years of sobriety.
He had 3 prior offenses on his record from when he was young so license cancelled ips. he can get his license back if He does interlock. Since he is not working & had surgery that makes him unable to work at present he has not attempted to get his license back. If he waits out the 3 years of cancellation, does he have to have interlock anyway.he has completed treatment & has voluntarily attended outpatient treatment at least once a week as he feels it helps him maintain sobriety. He has been sober since his arrest & plans to stay sober for the rest of his life.
If he is cancelled IPS he will have to do the IID as a condition of getting his license back so he cannot wait it out.
What are the steps to get my Driver's license back after DWI?
I was arrested on Tuesday Jan.13,2015 for DWI 169A.20.1, DWI 4th degree 169A.27.1 and DWI refusal 169A.20.2. I have 2 prior DWIs from 1993 and 1994. My first court appearance is Feb. 23, 2015. I need to get my license back as soon as possible (for work and such). What are the steps I need to take to get it back? If I even can? I live in MN.
Your going to have to go in and speak with an attorney. You've got a ton going on.
What are the chances I will get my car back after a 2nd dui and over double the legal limit? My car has a 20, 000 loan on it.
I will be talking to a lawyer on Monday but just seeing what my chances are..
It depends on a lot of facts not given: what county and city/ what was your exact test result? Call 612-210-0629 for...
I was arrested for a dui in MN. I tested .01 for oxycodone and -02 for morphine. I had not taken anything for 36 hours.
I was arrested for a dui. I do not drink, but have terrible spinal problems and pain. I am prescribed morphine 20mgs and oxycodone 20mgs for breakthrough pain. I don't drive when I take them. But it had been more than 24 hours and I tested .01 for oxycodone and .02 for morphine. What do these rates mean? I asked the dr. and she tried to explain that .01 is the cut off level and that I had taken a pill within the past 3 to 4 days. What is legally used for the blood drug level?
In prescription drug DWIs the amounts of medication don't really correlate to any level of impairment. They are pretty...