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Will he be deported, what should i do to help him
My boyfriend is in jail in north Carolina,he has two dwi will he be deported if placed on probation
He can be placed in removal proceedings, so he'll want good representation, a tiny handful of the lawyers here handle...
If i go to behavioral health for a week can the judge substitute that for jail time in a dui in nc?
i'm looking at at least a week in jail for a second dui in 7 years but i have medical issues and wondered if i went to rehab for a week could the judge take that instead of jail time or could i ask for house arrest instead. Should i bring medical records to show the judge? Thank You
Yes, the judge can give you credit for the 7 days in rehab. Obviously if the judge sentences you to longer than 7 days...
I recently was charged with DWI. I want to know how to get a restricted driving privilege when i go to court.
blew a .12 first offence.
Did NC issue your license or was it issued by another state? Was your license physically taken from you? How...
If i am arrested for a failure to submit isn't the officer required to turn my information to DMV so that i can get ahearing.
it has been 3 months and DMV has not recieved any information from the arresting officer. I thought i had the right to a fair hearing on this charge.
A fair hearing at the DMV? The DMV isn't a court. Your hearing on anything you are arrested for is in court, and you...
How long does the D.M.V in N. have to notify me of my right to a hearing in a refusal case? It's been almost 2 months so far ?
Hi i live in NC and was accused of a refusal to submits to a chemical test. ( Which i DID NOT ) i was told the DMV would notify me of a right to a hearing but so far my court date has come and gone and rescheduled and i have heard nothing from them? Is there a time limit? Shouldn't i have that hearing before my court case is settled? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me. [Information Withheld]
First, you need to get an attorney to handle this situation along with your DWI. If you have an attorney, you should...
If you blow into intoxylizer but too short of breath to make it work can you be charged with refusal to submit to the test.
i blew as hard as i could 3 times. the officer got annoyed and arrested me with refusal to take the test and dui?
The chemical analyst who administered the breath test can and often will indicate a willful refusal in a situation such...
When a license suspension thru court be apealled
how do I do this will I need a lawyer
Most likely you should talk to a lawyer. It all depends on what type of suspension it is, what happened at initial...