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I hv been charged with a simple drug possession have not gone to court yet will I definetely lose my drivers license due to this
I hv been charged with simple drug possession will I definetely lose drivers license due yo this charge I drive for a loving
You should consult with an attorney immediately in the County where this occurred. An attorney will go over all your...
Can I avoid jail time with 3rd DUI in Delaware County?
My car stalled on the highway and as I was trying to get to safety I was hit from the rear. I was taking to hospital by ambulance. In hospital i received a blood test and was charge with DUI a couple months later. I'm in pretrial, but I still haven't been process. Do I have a fighting chance?
With the right attorney and set of facts perhaps. You'd have to win at trial and so you need a trial attorney. Many of...
How can I be arrested for dui when I was home and the car was parked on the street out front?
I called 911 because my boyfriend physically restrained me, forced his arm into my throat and dumped a bottle of beer on me and took my keys to the house and car. When I tried to explain they did i sobriety test on me, even after he told them he was the one that had driven earlier (the car was parked) and arrested me.
It is obvious. You were arrested because the police believed that you operated a vehicle while under the influence of...
Will PO violate and lock me up?
I’m on probation for 2nd dui I’ve completed all required conditions on probation (Treatment,community service etc..) I see him every other month last month I got a citation for an open beer bottle, I was in front of the bar but the cop still cited me it was in another county, will my PO know when I go see him this month and violate and lock me up?
Will your PO know??? Probably. If not right away, soon. Should he violate you for (1) catching a new alcohol related...
What if i got arrest warrant in delaware for dui then get dui in Pennsylvania will it come up at court?
Didnt finish my dui requirements had court never showeld up for court will it come up in pa
If a bench warrant was issued, chances are very good that the warrant will be discovered once the Police Officer or...
I looking for lawyer to fight the blood pa uses to test for DUI for perscription meds
I was charged with DUI perscription meds now I did everything my doctors and pharmacist and FDA said to even waited two extera days before I drove.i even asked a police officer who is responsible to tell you when to drive? He said it is your doctor.but when the police drew my blood and got the report back they said I hade 259 nano grams in my blood. That was after three days without meds I should have never been near a car let alone driving.they police know that what your doctors say is wrong according to their test but yet they tell you listen to your doctors. The sea never heard of this test let alone where they get those numbers.please help with bad law thank you
You have the right idea, you definitely need an attorney. There's a lot more play than just what's in your blood, if it'...
Can i be violated for not taken my urine test for probation
On probation for receiving stolen property
It's a fair bet that when you were sentenced, you were ordered by the court to comply with the rules of probation. If...