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An affordable lawyer near Glen Ellyn with good experience with Secretary of State license hearings for DUI?
2 DUIs. 1 supervision, 1 conviction. 1 of the summary suspensions was thrown out. My criminal case is done and I was jobless at the time of my first informal hearing so I didn't get a lawyer. They denied me for minimizing my drinking history, so I went to my treatment provider for a response letter. My original counselor retired and his replacement was clueless about SOS hearings, etc. She more or less convinced me to declare myself an alcoholic and go to AA even though I was classified Significant Risk. Now I'm denied again for not meeting High Risk requirements. I need a lawyer who specializes in hearings to help me untangle this and get a work permit as soon as possible. I work a low wage job right now b/c it's local and I can't drive, so money is a factor. I'm desperate.
Larry Davis is pretty good I think he's out of DesPlaines. other than that I don't think you're looking for somebody...
Found out my 8 year old daughter's father was arrested for DUI, blowing a red light, and obstruction.
Ex and I are currently in the process of a custody case where he is fighting for residential custody. (I filed first) We were not married and never lived together. The arrest happened the end of January 2014, and he has not informed me about it. I've just been keeping track on the court website of what is happeninng, Next court date is a petition to rescind summary suspension. He has a drinking problem, but this is his first offense. My question is, do i have the right to find out the arresting officer to ask if he plans on being at the next court date? I don't think my ex should have his licsense back, especially being irrisponsible like this during a custody case and driving my daughter around.
This question really belongs to a family law thread, so I'll redirect it for you.
Should I hire a public defender for two class A misdemeanors
I had my IL drivers licence suspended for financial reasons. I live in Glen Ellyn, IL and racked up alot of parking tickets. I know I have two clear things up in parking court myself. I was quoted $1,000 to retain a attorney. I cannot afford it! My court location is in Mundelein, IL. I had two citations, the first for the DWLS (which I was unaware of) and a parfinalia charge. My background consists of the following Petty theft 1997 age17 Possession cannibis 2000 age 19 Driving without insurance 2012 All charges have been served with probation and a few fines and in good standing. I feel a little lost and need help! Thanks for reading my question.
Unless the state agrees to waive jail time you are entitled to a public defender.
I was on court supervision for 1 year charged with a dui the year is up the judge said case closed,. will this show on record
I am trying to start working and was told criminal background check will be done along with finger prints its at a school so I think they may dig deep to look for negatives
There is no legal definition of "criminal background check". Depends on how deeply they dig and what questions they ask...
Can I drive in California with Illinois Driving permit?
My Illinois driving license is suspended due to DUI. I obtained an ignition interlock device via BAIID program as well as an unrestricted driving permit (i.e. as long as I am driving a car with ignition interlock). I have been transferred to California and will be working in orange county. I called Illinois secretary of state and was told that there is no objection from Illinois state to drive with the permit in California, however I need to check with California state authority to make sure they allow that as well. I tried to contact DMV in California, but the technician who answered was not sure, he gave me another phone number to call, but I was not able to get hold of anyone who can confirm if I can drive or not in California. Can anyone on this board help. Thank you!
You received what Illinois calls an MDDP (Monitor Device Driving Permit). for any CA attorneys, he correctly states...
I had 1 dui and never finished a thing involved..had a missed court case i had requested and did;nt show ..what will happen??
first and only d.u.i _began classes and got thrown out for drinking/
If you were given the opportuntiy to attend a class as part of the sentencing for the DUI, then you will be brought...
How to find DUI records
My 6 year old son lives mostly with my ex-wife. She has been on several evening dates recently, and I have heard through the grapevine that she is driving under the influence. Obviously, I fear for my son. How can I find out if she has any DUI's?
Criminal History Records information is only available from the Illinois State Police. Information is located at their...